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Alarm Explanation


  To set a simple alarm, simply click on the box labeled Hour  and type the hour you want the alarm to go off.  Then click on the Set button to set the alarm.
This section applies only to the all-HTML version of iMarvel.   Currently, the all-HTML Alarm Wizard is used to set events in the Schedule Wizard.  It doesn't actually sound audible alarms. 

  All the other fields are optional:
  Tip: you can use the tab key to move between boxes, and the space bar to push the AM/PM radio buttons.

  The Alarm Wizard is one of the neatest things about iMarvel! It is often better than any other alarm device, because it gives you both an audible reminder and a visible reminder whenever you pass by your computer.  Here's some of the alarms that everyone should consider setting in their iMarvel program (or any other scheduling program):

Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.

  When you set a Radio Alarm  or a Visit Sites  alarm,  iMarvel  may stay online and only log off when your software disconnects.  Internet Explorer will normally log off after 20 minutes. To change this setting, click on the View  or Tools  Menu, Internet Options  line, Connection  tab, then Settings  button.
  Here are some more things you can do with the JavaScript alarm:

  • Have iMarvel give you the news you want, at the time you want. For example, you can set it to play a news site every morning at the time you want, instead of waiting for the network news to come on.
  • Customize the MIDI alarm. Currently it plays a Bach melody. If you prefer a different MIDI file, copy it to the /starbase7/ directory as "alarm.mid" (e.g. "C:/starbase7/alarm.mid")
  • How about using it for inspiration and/or learning? Find a supercool site on the web that updates content daily (e.g. a "cool site of the day" site), and have iMarvel download it for you each morning. If you go to Yahoo and search for "of the day" (remember to type the quote marks, to get exact-phrase matching), you'll get over 3000 categories and sites, including Poem of the Day, Joke of the Day and many more.
  • Let's say you're eagerly waiting for news of some important upcoming event on the Web. You can use the "Alta Vista" URL in the Radio Wizard to set an alarm to periodically search for any term you wish.
  • You can use iMarvel to simultaneously download a lot of different sites that you like to visit regularly. For example, you could construct your own "morning briefing" of the news you want.  Set the alarm for anytime in the morning, and it will all be downloaded in about 5 minutes.
      To create a morning briefing, take the following steps:
    1. Add the sites you want to visit to the "Favorites" Wizard.
    2. While holding down the [Ctrl] key, click any number of sites listed in the Favorites Wizard.
    3. Set Visit Sites  alarm to visit those sites regularly. Remember to put "999" in the "Repeat" text-box, which will make the alarm repeat forever.

  • You can minimize iMarvel to the Windows 95/98 taskbar, and alarms will still be activated.
  • When you add a Memo Alarm, try to use alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9).  The browser can't accept quote marks or apostrophes.
  See also: Calendar Wizard, Clock Wizard, Schedule Wizard.