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Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.   This calculator's wide display lets you see everything you type, so you don't have to worry about whether you mistyped a number.
  You can click on the numeric keypad to enter numbers and operators into the Memo Pad display, or you can type numbers and operators on the keyboard (including the "=" sign.) The "Format" key will align all numbers in a neat column for you. The "Undo" key will undo the most recent calculation.
  "MC" clears memory, "RM" recalls the memory to the main calculator display, and "M+" adds the display to the memory.
  "Sqr" squares the display, "Sqrt" finds the Square Root.

This section applies only to the all-HTML version of iMarvel.   With the all-HTML version, all calculations are done at the iMarvel web site.  Type some numbers and operators into the Display text-box (e.g. "5 +9.95+7.49".)  When you press return (or click on the Calculate  button), our server will calculate and display the result.  There are also 12 operations listed in the calculator. When you check any of the boxes next to an operation, that tells our server to perform that operation, after calculating the result.  The operations are performed in the order in which they are listed (e.g. "x 100" is done before "Square".)  The "Column Format" option, if checked, tells the server to list all of its operations so you can examine their accuracy.
  The all-HTML calculator is different from the JavaScript calculator in that the Memo Pad is not used to enter numbers or display results.

  There are 3 Memory functions: MC will clear the memory to zero, m+ will add the number in the Memo Pad to memory, and rm will recall the memory to the Memo Pad.

  See also: Memo Pad.