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Control Center Explanation

Control Center:  The following options are available:

    Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.
  • Save:  iMarvel uses two methods to save its settings (such as the alarms you may set when using the Alarm Wizard.) First, it automatically saves them as a "cookie" file on your hard disk. This means that you can close out your browser without losing your settings. But cookies aren't a permanent solution: you can't transfer a cookie to another computer, and they can be lost if your browser crashes.
      So iMarvel also gives you a chance to save iMarvel's settings by clicking the "Save" button. You should save settings (preferably to a file named "/starbase7/saveset.htm") at least daily.
      Cookies can be no more than 4000 bytes in size, which limits the number of alarms and other saved data to about 30-70 entries.
  • Auto-Save:  If you check this box, iMarvel will remind you to save your settings 10 minutes after you make any important changes.
  • Restore:  You may need to use this option if it appears that your browser is not displaying iMarvel correctly. Clicking this button will surf your browser to the saveset.htm file. That file has a button in it which will restore iMarvel's previous settings when you click on it. Any cookie file will be overwritten.
      If you get a new computer, you may want to transfer iMarvel to it.  To do that, just copy the /starbase7/ directory to your new computer, then load /starbase7/imarvel.htm into your browser, and click the Restore  button.
  • Hoo-Hah!  If you click this button it will launch the Hoo-Hah Directory.
  • Reset:  This button reloads iMarvel.  Some browsers are quirky in how they reload pages.  If you click the reload button on your browser, it may redraw the images correctly, but draw the page format incorrectly.  Another way to reload the page is to click on the address bar and then press [Enter] or [Return], which may draw the pages but fail to update the images.  Bottom line: if the page looks wrong, try another reload method.
  • Special:  This button is currently unavailable, but in the future it will implement some advanced commands.

Advanced Commands:

The following advanced commands are available in the iMarvel Control Center.  If an option is marked "(Default)", iMarvel starts with that option already enabled.  To give the command, type it into the box after the "Special:" button and then click that button.  The most useful commands are "/M5", "/Y14" and "/F26".

  • /Y5: Update clock every second. May cause program shutdowns on some browsers if they don't handle JavaScript well.
  • /M5: Update clock every minute. Also may cause shutdowns, on rare occasions.
  • /N5: (Default) the clock is updated only when clicked on, or when an alarm is activated.

  • /47: Decrease the hour shown on the World Clock by one. Useful if your browser doesn't display the World Clock correctly.
  • /57: Do not adjust the hour shown on the World Clock.
  • /67: Increase the hour shown on the World Clock by one. "/77" would increase it by 2 hours, "/37" would decrease it by 2 hours, etc.

  • /Y11: (Default) use .JPG pictures for the Calendar Wizard ("M1.JPG" through "M12.JPG".)
  • /G11: Use .GIF pictures for the calendar ("M1.GIF" through "M12.GIF".)
  • /N11: Don't use pictures for the calendar.

  • /A13: Always open new windows when opening "Sound Site:" URLs. When this URL is a RealMedia URL, the RealPlayer program should then be "spawned" by the window and close it out. If it doesn't close out the window, you can try the "/M13" or "/N13" commands.
  • /D13: (Default) Whatever iMarvel believes is most appropriate for your computer.
  • /M13: Open new windows when opening "Sound Site:" URLs, except for ReadMedia and ".mid" and ".wav" URLs.
  • /N13: Never open new windows when accessing RealAudio URLs. There is usually no need to spawn new windows if the URL is always a correct sound URL. However, some browsers will close down iMarvel when directed to play a sound URL. If the "/N13" option is used, iMarvel will close down whenever it opens a "Sound Site:" URL that is illegal, or when the URL points to a web page instead of a sound.

  • /Y14: Set the pixel depth and width for any new browser windows that iMarvel opens. We recommend that you try out 400x600 windows at first to see how it looks. Then increase it to dimensions about 15% less than your monitor's screen resolution. All numbers are rounded off to the nearest number divisible by 20.
      If you type "1" when you're asked for the screen width, new browser windows will occupy the full width of the screen.
  • /N14: (Default) new windows will be opened at the depth and width that your browser prefers.

  • /T26: (Default) iMarvel  will use "GIF Tailing" to try to make sure that graphics are not loaded from the cache.  However, some browsers (mostly Macintosh ones) do not allow this, so the graphics won't load at all.
  • /F26: Do not use "GIF Tailing."  If your browser has trouble loading graphics, use this option.

  See also: Directory.