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Jukebox Explanation

  The Jukebox uses MIDI files, and in the future it will play MP3 files too. Most browsers come with a MIDI player already installed, but it usually sounds tinny.  The Crescendo site offers a free basic plug-in (but once again, it's tinny) as well as a better-sounding advanced plug-in for about $20.  The Yamaha plug-in is another nice-sounding MIDI player, and it's also free.  There is an optional "software synthesiser" that's free for 3 months, but the player sounds fine without it. However, Yamaha's installation instructions are somewhat difficult to understand.  The final option is to connect some sort of external MIDI device, a subject that is best investigated at more specialized websites.

  The following options are available in the Jukebox Wizard:

This section gives instructions for customizing this Wizard.   Within a few weeks, we'll make available a program to allow customization of this Wizard.  You'll be able to add or change the MIDI files to any songs you like.

  See also: Radio Wizard, TV Wizard.