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Weather Explanation

Weather: The following options are available:

This section gives instructions for customizing this Wizard.   If you should happen to want to manually customize this Wizard for your own needs, here's how.
  1. Start up a simple text editor (for example, the Notepad  program that comes with Windows.)  You can usually find Notepad  by clicking on Programs, then Accessories.
  2. Load the Weather Wizard into the text editor: the JavaScript version is called jweather.htm, and the all-HTML version is called hweather.htm. These files should be on the \starbase7\ directory.
  3. Search for "Seattle" in this file. Change any mention of Seattle to your own hometown. If you live in a small town, you might need to use the nearest city with a large population instead (say, over 20,000 people.) If you see the letters "WA" (which is an abbreviation for "Washington"). Seattle is mentioned about 3-5 times in this file, so be sure to change every mention of Seattle. on the same line as Seattle, change "WA" to your own state's abbreviation.
  4. If you want to change the airport-delay checker to your hometown, search for "forecast=SEA" in this file. Change "SEA" to your airport's 3-letter abbreviation.
  5. If you want to change the Traffic reports from Seattle to your hometown, search for "wsdot" in this text file. You should see a line with "" on it. Change this to a traffic-report URL for your hometown. At this time, the SmartTraveler site seems to have the best traffic reports:

    • Cincinatti: ""
    • Boston: ""
    • Milwaukee: ""
    • Philadelphia: ""
    • San Francisco: ""
    • Washington DC: ""
    • Chicago: ""
    • Los Angeles: ""
    • New York: ""
    • San Diego: ""
    • Minneapolis/St. Paul: ""

      Another good traffic site is "". If you go to and search for "[CityName] traffic", you'll probably get some good results. Some other sites you may want to check out are:


  6. If you want to change the Interstate highway weather report, look for "Int90" in this file. This is an abbreviation for Interstate Highway 90. Change the "90" to any Interstate highway near you that you're interested in. State highways are not accepted.
  7. If you're using the JavaScript version, search for "Phoenix" in this file. Change any mention of Phoenix to any city that has weather that you're interested in checking. Change "AZ" (Arizona) to that state's abbreviation.
  8. Save the file as a plain text file (which some text editors call an "ASCII file"). The Notepad program automatically saves files as plain text. Don't close the text editor until you've finished all steps in these instructions.
  9. Use your browser to test the Weather Wizard. If it works, great! If not, then use the editor to try again. If the Weather Wizard looks really strange, you probably didn't save the file as plain text (in which case, you should re-install iMarvel.)