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Searching The Internet Explanation

Searching The Internet:

This section applies only to the all-HTML version of iMarvel.   The all-HTML version of the Search Wizard allows you to search some of the best Internet directories immediately (InfoSeek, Yahoo and NetGuide.) Simply type the search term, then click Go.  To search about 40 other search engines, click the link labeled All-In-One Search Page.

Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.   Here's how to use the Search Wizard to search for anything on the Internet:

  1.   Click on the text-box labeled "Find:".
  2.   Type a search term into this box.
  3.   Optionally, click on the select-box with the list of search directories, and highlight one or more search sites.  If you skip this step, you'll automatically use the Yahoo search site.
  4.   Click the GO  button to start the search.  On some browsers, you can just press [Return] or [Enter].
  You can simultaneously search multiple directories by holding down the [Ctrl] key while you click on several search engines.
  The following options are available:

  • No:  If you want to avoid sites with a certain term, type it here. For example, suppose you want to search for information on mustang horses, but don't want to read about the Ford Mustang Car, type "car" in this box.
  • At:  If you want to search only one site, name it here. For example, you could type "" if you want to search only the pages of the iMarvel site.
  • Exact Phrase?:  Check this box if you want to search for the exact phrase that you typed in the box labeled Find:.
  An effective trick is to use the tab key to move around to various parts of this Wizard.

  See also: Favorites Wizard, Internet Traffic Wizard.