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Television Explanation

This section applies only to the all-HTML version of iMarvel.   The all-HTML version of the TV Wizard is a collection of links to some of the best RealVideo sites online.

Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.   To play a station, simply click on a button.  If the Radio Wizard is available, you can add more RealVideo presets  to the Radio Wizard, and then play them in the TV Wizard.

  The following additional options are available:

  The following stations are pre-installed in iMarvel.

C-Span Live,  coverage of national political and media events.

PC Week Tech Headlines,  technology headlines in RealVideo with Stan Gibson, brought to you by the Ziff/Davis network.

Fox News Live (Video)  direct from Fox Broadcasting. Summaries at the top of the hour.

Bloomberg Business Report, a video report updated several times daily, about 5 minutes.

Only the JavaScript version of iMarvel has these features.  The following controls are available at the bottom of the screen, listed from left to right as you look at the TV Wizard:

  • Play:  Start playing the RealVideo clip (normally you don't need to press this because clicking on a station button will start playing the RealVideo.)
  • Pause:  Temporarily stop playing the RealVideo clip.
  • Stop:  Stop playing the clip, and disconnect from the RealVideo source URL.
  • Clip Position:  You can replay parts of the clip with this horizontal slider.  Just move the clip position marker backwards.
  • Mute:  Switch the audio on or off.
  • Volume:  You can control the volume with this vertical volume slider.  There might also be a volume control on your keyboard or speakers to turn it up some more.
  The television may not work reliably, especially on older computers.  You can often avoid problems by never doing anything else with the computer while the television is on.  Turn the TV Wizard off before you do anything else (including switching or adjusting windows in ANY way.)

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