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Enhance Your Start Page
With Personal iMarvel!

  Personal iMarvel  is a way for you to enhance your Start Page  with up to 25 fun and useful Wizards.  Here's how it works:  each time you open your browser and visit the Web, your usual Start Page will appear.  Your Personal iMarvel  window will then appear in an additional small window at the top of your screen.  Personal iMarvel  will load after  your Start Page loads, so your Start Page will still appear quickly.
  To try out one of the Personal iMarvel windows, click one of the 7 links below.  If you'd like to use Personal iMarvel  as an online surfing companion, just check the little circle next to the one you like best, then click the Go  button.

  6 Great Reasons To Try Personal iMarvel

  • Any browser can be used with Personal iMarvel.
  • It's safe to use because it uses HTML, the same language used to create every web page.
  • The Best of the Internet is accessible from Personal iMarvel.  The Wizards include many links to many award-winning web sites.  And the Hoo-Hah! directory has hundreds more all-star web sites.
  • The Wizards are easy to understand.  Just click on the help button (You don't need to click this now: wait until you see it inside a Personal iMarvel Wizard.) inside any Wizard for a quick explanation of that Wizard.
  • It's 100% free!  There's even free technical support:  at the web site, by e-mail and live chat.
  • Future expansions of Personal iMarvel  will add more fun and useful Wizards.

  25 Wizards At Your Command

  • Address Book: Store e-mail and postal addresses, phone numbers and other contact data.
  • Alarm: Set four kinds of "alarms":  radio, memo display, MIDI sounds, or page downloads.
  • Business: Track express packages, visit online business sites, and buy low-cost office products.
  • Calculator: Crunch numbers in a nice wide-screen calculator, with results formatted in columns.
  • Calendar: See the next 7 weeks at a glance, and check online event calendars with one click.
  • Clock: Local and World Clocks show you the time and date everywhere in the world.
  • Control Center: This links you to online chat tech support, and lets you save preferences.
  • Favorites: Add your own favorite sites, and select from iMarvel's  "All-Star" sites.
  • Finance Wizard: Save money, track loan rates, and have your financial questions answered.  Read daily personal finance tips that could save you thousands of dollars!
  • Hoo-Hah! This "Best of the Internet" directory has 1001 paths to fun and profit on the Web.
  • Investing Wizard: Get instant stock quotes, track market activity, and get investment advice.
  • Internet Traffic Monitor: Instantly check Internet traffic conditions.
  • Jukebox: Play 36 great Pop, Classical and Christmas tunes. Add your own favorite tunes!
  • Mail Wizard: Quickly send messages to e-mail addresses, ICQ-chat numbers, fax machines or even postal addresses.
  • Mall: Pick the stores you think are best, then search for your favorite products. There's even two price-comparing shopping agents, a "free stuff" shop, and money-saving daily consumer tips.
  • Memo Pad: Write quick notes and save them to your hard disk.
  • Newspaper: Download a customized newspaper with 15 sections, and research any news topic.
  • Photos: See today's top World, National, Politics, Entertainment, Sports and Science photos.
  • Radio: Enjoy RealMedia broadcasts:  News, Business, Technology, Entertainment and Sports.
  • Schedule: Track upcoming important events in your life, with a customizable full-screen calendar.
  • Search: Simultaneously search up to 30 internet directories, search engines and databases.
  • Sports: Check out all the scores for yesterday and today, and upcoming game schedules.
  • Tips: Four "tip of the day" features:  Motivation, Thrift, Shopping and Webmastering.
  • Television: View 7 RealVideo channels to catch up on the day's news and entertainment.
  • Weather: Check local weather and traffic conditions, and get driving directions to anywhere.

  Create Your Own iMarvel

  You might want to build your own customized iMarvel Page and install it on your hard disk.  This customized disk version will load faster, and you can include your choice of any of the 25 Wizards.

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