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Best reading tips, books, magazines and online reference sites.

Buy An Older Book At :   Stores like carry lots of great books, but usually not the older titles. At BiblioFind, there are five million old, used and rare books offered for sale by 1750 booksellers around the world.

An affiliate. Buy Discounted Magazines Online :   The Magazine Mall  is great for buying new magazines, and even for renewing magazines that you already subscribe to.  You can avoid receiving dozens of renewal notices every year from different publishers: MagMall renewal reminders are automatically sent by email, when your subscriptions near their completion.  Here's some more benefits to shopping at MagMall:

  • They give discounts of up to 85%, guaranteed to be the lowest authorized prices.  There's even a "free stuff" section.
  • When you send a change-of-address to MagMall, they will automatically forward it to the magazine publishers.
  • MagMall offers a family-oriented selection.
  • You can select from over 800 titles in 56 categories.
  • You can renew magazines through MagMall even if you did not subscribe through MagMall originally.
  • Buy a magazine as a gift for a friend, and they'll send a free card with your   message.

An affiliate. Buy Super-Cheap Book Closeouts : features book "Close-Outs" exclusively.  There's not many best-sellers here, but you'll find your favorite subjects and authors at very low prices.  The books aren't used, they're all in "as-new" condition.  When you find a title you want, order it quickly because it may be gone tomorrow!

Download Free Books, To Print Or Read Online :   This a directory of books that can be freely read or downloaded on the Internet. There are also links to other Internet directories of on-line texts, special exhibits and more.
  Another good site to download great classics is the Gutenberg Project

Find And Map Any U.S. Map Location :   The U.S. Geological Survey has created The National Atlas of the United States of America. It shows easy-to-use, map-like views of our landscapes and American culture.
  For a whopping-big list of other almanacs and atlases, click: Atlases

Find Answers To All Your Music Questions :   Look up song titles, essays, album covers and much more. This excellent site covers over 26,000 artists.

Find Any Government Statistic :   The site gives you easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by public agencies.   It includes the "Statistical Abstract of the United States", a huge National Data Book that contains many statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States.  Selected international stats are also included, as well as other data from the Census Bureau, other Federal agencies, and private organizations.   There's also a "State and Metropolitan Area Data Book" showing statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States at the State and metropolitan area levels.

Find Any Word's Definitions : is a "meta-search" dictionary.  That means that you can type in any word, and instead of searching just a single dictionary, OneLook will search a huge list of online dictionaries to give you every possible definition of the word.  The OneLook Dictionary gives you two ways to find a definition for any word:

  1. Type in the word you want to define, then click a button to search the OneLook Dictionary for definitions.
  2. Click on their "Browse Dictionaries" link, to see a list of dictionaries that are indexed by  Their "More Dictionaries" list shows you dictionaries that are not indexed, either for technical reasons or because the author has not given permission.

  Browse Dictionaries at: Dictionary List

Find Anyone's Phone, Email or Postal Address :   The "People Search" page at will help you find the email address or telephone number of anyone in America. There are also other features, such as a free email account, your own calendar, chat rooms, address books and internet telephones.

Find The Answer To Almost Any Question :   Whether you're looking for an address, a book, a phone number or almost anything else, you can find it at Xplore Reference.

Find The Definition Of Any Techie Term :   PC WeboPedia is "the #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology." Most computer terms are defined here: just enter a search term and learn all about it. It's also a mini-directory: browse through the categories, and sail the Web!

An affiliate. Get 3 Free Issues of Yahoo Internet Life :   At FreeShop, you can get 3 issues of Yahoo Internet Life  magazine for free.  That's 3 months of the magazine that will help you get the most out of the Internet! Read about the best and most useful web sites, ways to more easily navigate through the web and interviews with wired celebrities.
  Allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.  If you cancel within the three-issue trial period, you won't be charged.  If you're 100% satisfied, the subscription price is only $19.99 for 12 issues.  You can cancel any time after 90 days and get a refund of all unsent issues.
  U.S.  inquiries only.  You must be 18 years of age or older to order.

An affiliate. Get 4 Free Books From The Audio Book Club :   The Audio Book Club is offering four free books when you join their club.  Member benefits include:

  • Choose between subjects such as bestsellers, new releases, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business, and how-to... anything you enjoy reading now.
  • Listen while driving, flying, working out, doing housework, even gardening.
  • Listen to thousands of audio excerpts online, using RealAudio.
  • Choose any 4 audiobooks for 1 cent, then buy 4 more selections anytime in the next 2 years, at regular Club prices ($9.95 - $30.)
  • Risk-Free: you have 10 days to review your Enrollment Selections. If you are not completely satisfied, return them at no cost to you.
  • Enjoy Members-only discounts of up to 70%.
  • Use their Search Engine to examine tens of thousands of titles.
  • 17 times a year, you'll receive a full-color catalog with a Featured Audiobook. If you want to receive it, do nothing and it will be sent to you automatically.

Get 6 Bottom Line/Personal Free Issues :   Get 6 free trial issues of this great newsletter, packed with useful information about how to live smarter, richer and longer. Get tax tips, consumer insights and tips for success, save time and make money. They have really made it their mission to help people lead a happy, healthy life. They sell great books too!

An affiliate. iconGet Free Catalogs At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Catalogs page, you can find a great selection of catalogs of every kind.

An affiliate. iconGet Free Magazines At FreeShop :   There are over a hundred magazines listed here that will give you a 90-day free trial subscription, no strings attached!

Join An Online Book Discussion :   Rachel's Compendium of Online Book Discussions: A good directory of many online book clubs and discussion groups.

Learn About Your I.Q. At :   At, you can take the world's most entertaining and illuminating I.Q. Test. There are also sections on Psychology Sites, Puzzles and Fun Sites, Self Help Sites, Educational Sites, New Age, Spiritual and Alternative Health Sites, Science Sites and more. It's totally mental.

Learn Dozens Of New Languages :   At TravLang, you can learn any of dozens of new languages. There's also a Translating Dictionary, Currency Exchange Rates, Hotel Database, Chat Rooms and Message Boards.

Learn How To Write Research Papers : is "the Web's largest collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for school related research projects." They'll help you make the most of your research time online, find the best information available, eliminate frustration, and get better grades!

Look At This Day In History :   "This Day In History" from The History Channel is about 1 minutes of audio and video of an event that happened on this day in history. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Read A List Of The World's Best Books :   This site has two lists of the "Best 100 Books," one selected by The Board at Random House, the other selected through a reader's poll.

Read Best-Seller Excerpts On-Line :   At, you can read excerpts from most of the current bestsellers and many new titles. Of course, there's also reviews, summaries, bios, book news and more. They say ""Because we include an excerpt with every book, you don't just have to rely on other people's reviews. Instead you can browse any book on our shelves and decide for yourself if you like it.

Read The Best Literature For Kids :   This site gathers together and categorizes the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. It's more of a site for parents and librarians than for kids.

Read Witty Travel Writing At :   The Lonely Planet is the premiere travel guide on the Internet, written with wit and humor. When you load their site, hover your mouse arrow over the icons on the left side, and messages will appear that describe what they're for.

Receive Answers From Experts On Any Subject :   You can get free advice from many sources on the Web. Two good sources are and The At AskAnExpert, you can select from 12 categories with over 300 experts to answer your questions. It's a directory of people who have volunteered their time to answer questions, and links to webpages that provide further information. If that's not enough for you, try The which has more than 500 experts!
  And don't forget: Mining Co.

An affiliate. Receive Free Book Recommendations From :'s automatic book recommendation service can send you announcements of books that are coming out in your selected areas of interest. If you decide to buy a book, it will be discounted 20-40%, and you can return it within 30 days (in its original condition) if you don't like it.

Receive Releases By Favorite Artists Automatically :   At, you can get the CDs and books you want automatically delivered to your doorstep as soon as they're released. Simply name your favorite author(s) and recording artists, and receive their next album or book as soon as it's released. There are NO minimum purchase requirements, and you can cancel at any time. They offer everything available in the United States, and you'll get a substantial discount too.

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