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Best tips and sites for cars and automotive products (plus boats, planes etc.)

An affiliate. Buy A Car, Using A Consumer's Club :   The Consumer's Car Club has some great services to help you buy a car.  They'll give you "Quick Quotes" where dealers bid for your business, or set you up with a "Personal Shopper" who does all the legwork and the paperwork.  They'll also show you car reviews, auto insurance quotes and vehicle history reports. You can also buy factory-direct: order the exact car you want, complete with any factory option you want. Their Used Cars listings let you buy on your own terms, when you're  ready: search over 500,000 classified ads, then use their free "Lemon Check" to search that car's history. Their Used Vehicle Inspections Program gives you a certified mechanic anywhere you want within one day, to road test and inspect any car before  you buy it.

Buy A Classic Car... For 50 Bucks!? :   Auction houses like AutoMallUSA sell classic cars for as little as 50 bucks.  They're not in normal working condition of course, but if you like restoring classic cars then it's a great deal. They also sell modern used cars to people like me who have the mechanical aptitude of a gnat.  Another good place to find used cars is in Yahoo's Used Cars classifieds.
  Another good site: Yahoo's Used Cars classifieds.

Buy A Used Car Online :   The Statewide Car Connection indexes used cars sold both by private parties and dealerships. Other available services include financing and insurance quotes.
  Classifieds have good opportunities for getting a good deal on a used car. Try Classifieds2000 for a large and well-maintained listing of ads for used cars.
  For classifieds, click: Classifieds 2000

Buy Factory-Direct Cars :   Cars @Cost is a network of dealers across the country who sell specific makes and models at dealer invoice cost. Never haggle with slippery car salesmen again, and eliminate all the negotiation and guesswork. They also handle all the mind-numbing details of acquiring a new vehicle. To place a factory order, Cars @Cost requests a $75 deposit. When you take delivery of your vehicle, you pay the balance of the fee. Total fees range from $275 to $499, depending on the vehicle.

Explore The Motor Sports Hall Of Fame :   This site has short biographies and photographs of the racing's successful Heroes of Horsepower. There's a museum with lots of car pictures, and a gift shop.

Explore The World Of Classic Cars :   The Classic Car Source is the premiere Internet site for information about classic cars. It calls itself "The World's Largest Online Community for the Classic Vehicle Enthusiast" There are links to many classic car clubs, museums and events.

Find A Fair Price For A Used Car :   What's a fair price for a used car? At Kelley Blue Book, you can find out. There's also information on new car prices.

Find A Good Car With AutoBuyTools :   "AutoBuyTools" are a set of tools at that can help you pick the right car and the best way to buy it. AutoByTel also lets you buy, lease or finance a car online in about 30 minutes.
  DealerNet is another great site where you can buy cars. It has car photos, specs, side-by-side comparisons and MSRPs, and links to 700 dealers of cars (both new and used).
  Another good site is: DealerNet

Find Any Used Car's History :   A clean title history is the key to confirming the value of a vehicle for both buyer and seller. The Vehicle History Report from Carfax uncovers the history of any vehicle, revealing a clean history or exposing costly, dangerous problems. offers a free history of any vehicle with its free "Lemon Check."

Find The Right Bike For Your Needs :   Bicycling Magazine Online has a bicycle database that lets you search over 2,000 bike specs to find the perfect match for you and your wallet. There's also a Cyclopedia an sections on Bike Companies, Tour & Travel Companies, Cycling Events, New Product Reviews, Repair & Maintenance, Road Riding Techniques, Off-Road Riding Techniques and a Mountain Bike TrailFinder.

Find Used Car Values :   At Blue Book Online, you can get free used car quotes from the name you trust. You can also get a trade-in report, shop for a car and get Blue Book retail values. Much more than cars are covered: there's also street bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, scooters, mopeds and sidecars, personal watercraft and snowmobiles.

An affiliate. iconGet Automotive Free Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's automotive freebies page, you can see the world and find great savings, free catalogs, trial magazines, a free vacation travel planner and more.

Get Free Car Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering the world of cars. See how to buy and maintain cars the smart way, and lower your auto costs. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

Learn About Bicycle Commuting :   Many bicyclists already commute to work by bicycle at least a dozen times a month -- about 2.8 million Americans. The League of American Bicyclists wants you to tell you how to enjoy the freedom and independence of bicycle commuting. Their guide will show you how to get started, with advice about:
  • Safely sharing the road with other traffic.
  • Developing a good route to work.
  • Bike parking and theft prevention.
  • Dressing for biking success.
  • Outfitting a commuting bicycle.
  • Performing routine bike maintenance

Learn How To Fix Your Own Car :   Excite's "Fix It Yourself" page gives clear step-by-step instructions on most car-repair issues, including mundane tasks like changing the oil. The Motorist Assurance Program has a page labeled "How to Find Your Way Under the Hood & Around the Car". It uses cool graphics showing little men going under the hood of your car to show various parts and repair methods. It also has a good section on preventative maintenance techniques.
  Another good site: Motorist Assurance Program

Learn Smart & Safe Biking :   There are more than 500,000 words in the bicyclopedia, which really has to make you wonder at what words aren't  in there.

Protect Yourself From Speed Traps :   The WWW Speed Trap Registry is a nationwide database of places where police may be waiting with their radar guns.  A handy site to consult whenever you go on vacation or move to a new home.

Read All About Cars Online :   The online edition of Car and Driver magazine covers the auto world with sections on Road Tests, a Buyer's Guide, Car Shows, Car News, Opinions, Concept Cars, Then and Now, Gear and Site News.

Read An Online Auto Sports Magazine :   The iRace site is a great site for up-to-the-minute headlines, stories about motor sports and news on the high-performance auto industry.
  NASCAR Online is maintained by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, go for a spin at NASCAR Online. There's racing news, driver profiles and career highlights, statistics and standings at this official site.
  Another good site: NASCAR

Rent A Car Online :   The Avis site lets you rent a car online, and also has maps and information about hotels, travel agents and airlines. Alamo also has a helpful site. The Thrifty site has a good reputation for competitive pricing.
  Alamo, Thrifty

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