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Free Web Services
Best tips for useful internet services.

Anti-Spam Tip #1: Never Reveal Your Email Address :   Do not give your primary e-mail address to anyone except trustworthy friends.   Never reveal it in chat rooms, newsgroups or other public places.

An affiliate. Anti-Spam Tip #2: Get A Second Email Address :   Get a second e-mail address at   Give this address to anyone you don't trust 1000%!  If this new address ever becomes a target for spam, get rid of it and get another secondary e-mail address.
  To read more, click: iMarvel Consumer Advice

Anti-Spam Tip #3: Use A "NOSPAM" Tag :   When you give out your e-mail address, put "NOSPAM-" next to it (e.g. "").  This will fool the robots that spammers use to harvest your name.

Anti-Spam Tip #4: Deal Only With Trustworthy Sites :   Deal only with companies you trust, who post policies that promise to keep all your contact information private. has company descriptions which tell you whether they pledge to keep your information confidential (you'll see a little padlock icon with descriptions of companies that make this pledge.)
  To read more, click: iMarvel Consumer Advice

Anti-Spam Tip #5: Use Spam Filters :   If you still get spam, look in the documentation of your e-mail program to see how to use filters  to weed out most spam.  Fred Elbel's junk-mail and spam pages have some good suggestions for using filters.
  To read more, click: iMarvel Consumer Advice

Create Your Own Email List On Any Subject :   If you are in any group that might like to start an e-mail list, visit to see how to do it easily. They explain: "Friends and families like to stay in touch, hobbyists like to help each other, cooks like to trade recipes, teachers need to communicate with their students, fan clubs exist to share news and keep current, people with problems seek others with the same challenges... the list is endless. A mailing list allows people to send email to each other easily. Instead of emailing everyone on the list, subscribers of a mailing list can send their email to one address, which will then automatically send the message to everyone else."

Download Free Computer Graphics :   This site has the largest collection of free background art on the Internet: 2802 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in web pages or on your desktop. Sorted by color and motif. Includes handy previewing feature. It also offers the "Absolute Web Graphics Archive": 10000 bullets, lines, arrows, clipart images, icons and buttons for use in web pages and desktop publishing.

An affiliate. Download Free iMarvel Software :   "iMarvel" is a RealAudio-enabled program that runs inside almost any browser. iMarvel has all these great features and more:
  • Local and World Clocks show you the time and date everywhere
  • Set up to 40 alarms, memos or reminders of important tasks
  • Four kinds of "alarms": play RealAudio/Realvideo, display a memo, play a MIDI sound file or automatically download web sites.

Explore Computer/Internet Helpful-Advice Sites :   At the Newbie-U site, you can get help for all your perplexing computer problems Learn how to use E-Mail, how to download freeware, and how to chat online. They offer a free Newsletter, a computing-term dictionary, free program downloads, and more.
  A great site to go after you've gotten your "Internet Legs" is Netguide, which can help everyone from beginners to experts discover how to use the Internet for maximum personal benefit.
  Another great site: NetGuide

Find The Definition Of Any Techie Term :   PC WeboPedia is "the #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology." Most computer terms are defined here: just enter a search term and learn all about it. It's also a mini-directory: browse through the categories, and sail the Web!

Find The Weather For Any Location :   At, you can enter any ZIP code and get the current weather conditions, a forecast, and live satellite and radar maps. You can customize your Home Page to your own area, and read about Severe Weather Alerts and Preparedness, Airport delays Driving Conditions, Skiing and Golf Conditions, Boat & Beach Forecast Maps, Aviation Maps, Allergy and Health Maps, Garden Maps, and Sun Protection.

Find Your Best Career Option With This Career Quiz :   The AOL Workplace Careers Decision Guide gives you two ways to find the best career to fit your  personality.  Step through their question-and-answer guide, and you'll get a list of ideal careers.  Or use their direct comparison guide to research specific careers and compare your career options side-by-side.

Find a "Cyber-Cafe": Compute While You Eat :   A "Cyber-Cafe" is a place where you can eat and compute at the same time, using publicly accessible terminals. At the Cyber-Cafe Web Database, you can find over 2000 cybercafes in 116 countries, plus another 2000 public internet access points and kiosks. Just type in your Search Location (either a city, state or country) and a list of nearby cyber-cafes will soon pop up.

An affiliate. Get 3 Free Issues of Yahoo Internet Life :   At FreeShop, you can get 3 issues of Yahoo Internet Life  magazine for free.  That's 3 months of the magazine that will help you get the most out of the Internet! Read about the best and most useful web sites, ways to more easily navigate through the web and interviews with wired celebrities.
  Allow 4-10 weeks for delivery.  If you cancel within the three-issue trial period, you won't be charged.  If you're 100% satisfied, the subscription price is only $19.99 for 12 issues.  You can also cancel any time after 90 days and get a refund of all unsent issues.
  U.S.  inquiries only.  You must be 18 years of age or older to order.

Get A Free Health Assessment At :   Want to add years to your life? Find out how with a free personal health assessment. When you take the quick and easy quiz at, they'll create a personalized and strictly confidential health report just for you. Their site says "This assessment report will help you:
  • Learn about current health conditions or habits that may lead to future health problems
  • List actions you can take to avoid health problems
  • Improve and protect your health
  • Strengthen your positive attitude
  • Save money! Most health risk assessments cost between $10 and $50; THIS ONE IS FREE!

Get A Free Web Page At : is probably the easiest place to build a free Web site.  No knowledge of HTML or programming is required, and they give you easy-to-use tools such as chat rooms, guest books, hit counters and more.  If you're planning an event, Homestead is a very quick way to set up a page to tell people about it.  They also cater to clubs and organizations who want their own free page, small businesses, and people who want a personal home page.

  • Drag-and-drop Elements: Guest Book, Chat Room, Hit Counter, Web Poll, Animated Text, and more.
  • Easy Image Importing: You can import your own photographs and graphics.
  • Pre-built, customizable pages: Get ideas from dozens of pre-built pages.
  • Clip Art, Animations, and Sounds: A library of thousands.
  • Offline Editing:You can download Homestead to work offline, and publish your site to Geocities,, Tripod, Xoom, or your local ISP.

An affiliate. Get An Unsecured Credit Card, Even With No Credit :   The Future Card  is a Visa card that accepts almost all applicants, yet requires no deposit.  If your credit isn't so good, this is a good way to establish or re-establish the credit you deserve.  It has a credit limit up to $2500, an APR from 16.9%, and allows ATM access.   The main requirements:

  • You must not have ever declared bankruptcy,
  • You should have no credit delinquencies in the past 6 months that are past due for 60 days, and
  • You need to have one "Good Trade Line" reported (example: mortgage loan payment, installment loan payment, or department store payment) that is at least 6 months old.

Get Free Ad-Supported Long-Distance Calling :   A long-distance service called FreeWay lets you get 2 minutes of free long-distance for each 15-second ad you hear.  Whenever you want to make a free call, dial their special toll-free 800 number and then enter your P.I.N. number, and then the number you want to call.  You'll then hear a brief commercial message.  For each message that you listen to, you will earn two free minutes of talk time.

Get Free Computer Tech Support Online :   The SupportHelp site lets you access a large database of technical support information for many computers and peripherals. It also has lists of Usenet groups and forums where you can get further help.
  The HelpMeNow site is a free service that offers live computer help, e-mail help and a HelpMeNow newsletter.
  At the Healthy PC site, you can get expert computer advice, tips and tricks.
  Other good sites: HelpMeNow, Healthy PC

Get Free Consumer Advice From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of hundreds of federal consumer publications in a searchable database. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.) There are sections on Cars, Children, Employment, Federal Programs, Food & Nutrition, Housing, Health, Money, Small Business, Travel and Miscellaneous.

An affiliate. Get Free Email And An Event Calendar At : is offering a free online service that gives you an event calendar, e-mail, address book and 15 MB of file storage.  Visto won the prestigious "PC Magazine Editor's Choice" award for best online calendar.  You'll also be entered into a drawing with a chance to win 50,000 frequent flyer miles which can be exchanged for 2 free tickets to anywhere in the USA! A free email account is especially useful if:
  • You have family members who would like an e-mail address
  • You share an email account with someone else
  • You have an email account through your company and would like a private address
  • You're a mobile professional who would like a separate address, to access on the road
  • You don't currently own a computer, but would like to get e-mail at public terminals
  • You're an Internet-access bargain hunter
Visto recently added "spam filters" to sharply reduce the amount of spam you receive.

Get Free Internet Access :   NetZero offers free 56K Internet access with a national scope, so you can call in from anywhere. It's supported by advertising, so you'll have to put up with a floating ad window, but it's really not hard to ignore. It's a great deal! If you're an AOL user, you're already paying $21.95 a month (about $264 a year) for advertising-saturated service. The main drawback with switching over to NetZero is that you'll need to change your e-mail address and learn a new way of connecting. You decide!!
  To get NetZero, click: NetZero Sign-Up

Get Free Tax Preparation At :   Quicken's WebTurboTax program includes support for all states that impose an income tax. Using the new Smart Interview System, you can work on your taxes safely and securely. It double-checks your return for errors, omissions and overlooked deductions, and even provides money-saving tax advice for next year! In addition, it also identifies entries that could trigger an audit. Get your refund in a matter of days instead of weeks. Quicken's Tax Freedom Project will offer free access to their WebTurboTax program, a Web-based version of their tax-prep software, if you make less than $20,000. OK, so maybe you make more than 20 grand... you can still do taxes online for $20, and get excellent free tax advice from their Quicken Tax Page.

Get Free Web-Surfing On Your TV Screen :   At, you can apply for a free "Internet Connection Box," which allows you to surf the Web on your TV (much like "WebTV").  In return, you'll need to view ads on your TV while you surf, and you'll also have to fill out a survey each month to keep them informed about your consuemr habits.  The package includes a wireless remote control, a keyboard, and free unlimited Internet access.

Get Money Just For Surfing, At :   A phenomenon called "Beenz" is sweeping the Internet.  You earn Beenz by surfing Web sites that have signed up for Beenz, which actually pay you to visit their pages.  You can "spend" earned Beenz at those sites and many others, for real products (anything you have enough Beenz to buy.)  It's free to join and easy to use.

Get Wake-Up And Reminder Calls : is the world's first web-based wakeup and reminder service.  When you schedule a call with Mr. Wakeup, the information you request will be delivered immediately after listening to a five-second ad.  There's some really interesting options:

  • You can type a personal message to be converted to audio.
  • Receive call from your favorite music artist updating you of the latest CD release, with excerpts from some of the songs.
  • A "motivation call" with tips on how to relax and feel better, on health, nutrition, stress management, and more.
  • Get your horoscope first thing in the morning.
  • Headline and financial news.
  A subscriber-based service will allow you to get calls without advertising.

Learn All About How Kids Can Use Computers :   The Kids and Computers Pages is an excellent place to learn how to program a computer or find out how to build your own web page. Kids can also talk to other kids about computing at a discussion forum.

Learn How To Program Computers :   You can use online resources to acquire or hone computer-programming skills.

Learn Technology Skills At Ziff-Davis University :   At Ziff-Davis University, you can get the technology skills you need. You can become a free member, and get continuing access to at least 10 courses at no charge. The more advanced $69.95 1-year membership in ZDU includes access to over 150 online instructor-led courses and 50 self-study tutorials. You also get a year's subscription to your choice of ZD Journals! There is a also US$7.95/month pay-as-you-go option. You always have the option to enroll and take unlimited classes.

An affiliate. Prevent Y2K Problems While Ignoring Doomsayers :   You can check your computer for Y2K bugs and fix them for free at's Free Software Page.  Two Y2k programs are currently available there: Y2K TEST&FIX, and BugFix 1.2.  Of the two, BugFix is best: it allows you to install a custom Y2K solution for each PC.  It's free after a $18.99 rebate.  The other program "Y2K TEST&FIX" has the advantage of adjusting your computer's real-time clock automatically on New Year's Eve, but you can take care of that yourself by shutting down your computer on December 31, and restarting it in January.  It works on any Windows computer, anything from Windows 3.1 through Windows 98.
An online article at ZDNet Anchordesk  explains in rational terms what to watch out for at the site in their "Safe and Sane Y2K Guide."  They also tell you who not  to pay attention to: the fear-mongers, profiteers and survivalists who find in Y2K an opportunity to sell you a bill of goods.
  Read more at: AnchorDesk Y2K Article

Protect Your Computer From Computer Viruses :   Many people sound confident when they talk about computer viruses -- yet very few have adequate knowledge of this subject. Most fall prey to what some virus experts call "False Authority Syndrome," and it contributes significantly to the spread of fear & myths about computer viruses. This site dispels some virus myths, gives you some good basic information about viruses, and recommends books and web pages where you can read more about them.

Read Online TV Guides :   The Ultimate TV Site is a free online television guide. You can look at listings for shows in your time zone, or search for shows by title or category (soaps, comedies, etc.) You need never pay for a TV Guide again!
Another option: Electronic TV Host (ETV) is an Electronic Television Guide for Microsoft Windows. You can search for specific titles or actors, locate shows by category or create a personal search that fits your unique needs. It costs about $50 per year to subscribe.
  To read more, click: ETV Host

Receive Notices Of New Sites About Your Interests :   TracerLock will e-mail you when it finds new Web sites that it thinks you'll want to see, based on whatever words you tell it to look for.

Receive The Internet Tourbus Newsletter :   This is one of the Web's first and best free E-mail newsletters. It really has its finger on the pulse of what's new and interesting on the Net. Author Patrick Crispen fills each issue with quality with news about notable new sites and all things Web-ly.

Send A Free Fax Anywhere In The USA :   You can send up to 15 free faxes using Faxaway, "the premiere, low-cost, worldwide email-to-fax service!" If you register as a paying user, you can even send many different types of email attachments (attached pictures, etc.)
  For web-based free faxes: Fax 4 Free

Send Cartoon E-Cards To Friends : is a fun website for sending Free Cartoon postcards to friends in cyberspace. Just pick from dozens of cartoons, pick what words will appear as the caption, and they'll send it to any e-mail address.

Send Postage-Free Mail And Postcards :   There are actually a couple of places on the Internet where you can send real postal mail (not email, nor electronic cards) free of charge.  At, you can really send up to 20 letters and cards per month here, for free!  How can this be?  "All we ask is that if you do any online shopping, that you would consider going through our shopping site first and that you would truly use this site for what it is designed, keeping in touch with family and friends."  You can select from 20 different stationery designs, greeting cards and postcards.  This site will also scan photos you send them, and post them online for free.
  At DAIR Computer Sytems, for a limited time, you can send postcards for free (1 card per day per household.)  You can send to nearly anywhere in world.  All cards are actual 5 by 7 inch, printed, physical greeting cards with envelopes.

Send a "Virtual Present" By Email :   A "Virtual Present" is a present that doesn't really exist. Actually, it's a nice-looking picture of a present. If you know someone who isn't too hard to please, it just might fly! You can send Vacations, Furniture, Cars & Planes, Jewelry, Food, Apparel, Pets, Flowers and much more.

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