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Free Downloads
Best tips for free or cheap software and newsletters.

Buy At, A Computer Superstore :   This computer software/hardware superstore was given the highest possible rating by, 4.5 stars. You'll find an excellent selection of well-described products, at low prices.

Buy Software On The Cheap At :   Egghead is an online seller of computer software and hardware, with steeply discounted prices. Their "liquidation center" and auctions feature really low-cost software. Their shipping charge is unusual: $8.00 for any number of software purchases.

Download "BitMagic" Cartoon-A-Day Software :   Bitmagic  shows an animated cartoon on your desktop every morning.  It also has weekly games and fun interactive time-wasters.
  For Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT4, you'll need 16 Mb RAM and 15 Mb free disk space.

An affiliate. Download "Gator" To Fill In Web Forms, Passwords :   Gator  is a free online tool that eliminates frustrating web chores like filling out forms and remembering passwords.  Gator safely stores all your personal data in an encrypted file on your hard drive.  When you hit a web page that has a form or requires a login ID, account number or password, Gator surfaces and provides the information, with no typing needed!  It's a small file -- under 3 minutes to download on a 56K modem.  On top of all that, you'll also receive $50 worth of free coupons for online stores.
  Gator is one of the easiest and most useful downloads you'll ever get.  It's one of those new "eWallets" that help make online surfing and shopping a snap.

Download "RealPlayer" Streaming Media Player Free :   At, you can download the latest version of RealPlayer so you can play sounds on the Internet.

Download 100 Free Games At ZDNet Software Library :   The ZDNet Software Library has a great collection of free games.  They've listed the top 100 most popular free games for you to browse through and download.

Download FamilyTime Organizer Software : has created an integrated home organizer with six programs, which along with their web site can save you both time and money.  "We've spent the last three years talking to people like you about how your life might be made a little easier.  The result is a software program and a web site designed to save you time and money with your daily chores."
  Probably the best thing about this site is the people: they're very helpful and responsive to any concern that you may wish to talk to them about.  simplify your daily life.  The software package has programs for scheduling, planning meals, grocery shopping, coupons and more.  This offer is for USA residents only, allow three to five weeks for shipment.

Download Free Computer Graphics :   This site has the largest collection of free background art on the Internet: 2802 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in web pages or on your desktop. Sorted by color and motif. Includes handy previewing feature. It also offers the "Absolute Web Graphics Archive": 10000 bullets, lines, arrows, clipart images, icons and buttons for use in web pages and desktop publishing.

Download Free MP3 Music Files Online :   The Lycos MP3 Search  lets you search for your favorite artist or song.  With over 500,000 titles, Lycos MP3 Search is the world's largest MP3 site.  You can also read MP3 News & Features, and Music News & Reviews.
  To read more, click to:

Download Free MP3 Players And Files :   If you're puzzled about which MP3 player is the best, an article at gives you the straight dope in a quick 'n' easy dose.The popular WinAmp player is now completely free.  This hi-fi player supports MP3, CD, MOD, WAV and other formats. also offers their RealJukebox for free, and recently a new player called MusicMatch  has been hot.    For die-hard MP# buffs, MP3 Fiend  is an excellent freeware download.  This ad-supported program queries 11 MP3 search engines simultaneously, and quickly locates both FTP and HTTP files that are MP3-related.  It's a 3 megabyte download, for Windows 98/95 and NT4.

  Click to: WinAmp,, MP3 Fiend

An affiliate. iconDownload Free Software At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Software freebies page, you can find free software for fun and games, productivity, the internet, business, or edutainment. There's also free catalogs, trial magazines, free email newsletters and more.

An affiliate. Download Free iMarvel Software :   "iMarvel" is a RealAudio-enabled program that runs inside almost any browser. iMarvel has all these great features and more:
  • Local and World Clocks show you the time and date everywhere
  • Set up to 40 alarms, memos or reminders of important tasks
  • Four kinds of "alarms": play RealAudio/Realvideo, display a memo, play a MIDI sound file or automatically download web sites.

Download I-Seek-You Chat For Instant Messaging :   ICQ-chat is renowned as the Internet's best chat and instant messaging program. It resides on your hard disk, and lets you chat with anyone who's surfing the Web. It tells you when and if your friends & associates are surfing the net! You can chat, send messages and files, play games or use it as the perfect business tool to find and contact associates in realtime through the internet.

Download McAfee Virus Scan Free :   You can try this program for 30 days, free. It cleans most virus infections from files, master boot sectors, partition tables, and memory, returning them to a virus-free state.

Download Super Fred, A "Virtual Desktop Buddy" :   First there were virtual pets; now there are "Desktop Buddies." Super Fred is a hilarious superhero cartoon character for your Windows desktop. Watch Fred walk, fall, whistle, pick his nose, sleep, drink and do dozen other silly things right on your desktop even when you work on something else.

Download The "NeoPlanet" Browser Add-On :   NeoPlanet lets you personalize and enhance Microsoft's Internet Explorer.  You can change its look to themes from wood-grain desktops to star-wars motifs, or create your own theme.  It has a built-in email program that offers to check your email at log-on, and a modem speed optimizer. 

Download The 100 Best Freeware Programs :   The File Mine site has a "Jewels" list of the Internet's best freeware and shareware, and a "File Mine's Favorite Downloads" list. They also have "File Mine Packs", special collections of files that can help you "do everything from plan your wedding to tweak Windows 95."
  The Dave Central Software Archive is another good place to download hot software picks.
  Another good site: Dave Central

An affiliate.Download Valuepass "Net Bargain Hunting" Software : is giving away a free program that helps you find money-saving offers on the Internet that match your interests.  It presents a window that lets you pick the items you're interested in -- clothing, music, books etc. -- then displays a list of what's available coupons, discounts and special offers.  By using you'll receive only the coupons you're interested in.  It will also alert you when offers that match your interests appear in Web stores.
  The program requires an Internet connection, and works with Macintosh or Windows 95/98/NT computers.

Get Free Internet Calls With WebPhone :   It's free, and no hardware is required other than a soundcard, a microphone and speakers. This all-new version includes state of the art features like video conferencing, multi line conferencing, and superior performance. The latest in FREE and legal telephone calls through the Internet.
  Another good free phone: PalTalk.

An affiliate. Get Free Software From : maintains a web page with lots of offers for free software (after rebate.) There are titles for both Windows and Mac computers, including Microsoft Encarta and Vorton Financial tools.

Get Free StockVue/BusinessVue Investor's Programs :   StockVue is a free award-wining stock tracking program for Windows computers.  StockVue 99 includes many new features, including all of the benefits of the BusinessVue program.  Some of its great features are:

  • Quotes and charts from
  • Stock statistics and business summaries from Market Guide
  • Mobile Device Support: PDAs (both handheld PCs and Palm-size PCs) are supported.
  • Receive alerts via email, fax or pager when a stock changes price or is in the news.
  • Display a performance chart for any investment.
  • Visit your favorite online trading site without leaving StockVue.
  • Export data into Word, Excel, Quicken (including 99), email and other text documents
  • Maintain a historical "calendar," where you can easily identify stock milestones, including news, filings and 52-week highs and lows.
  • Swiftly calculate your profit and loss
  This free program won a 5-star rating from ZDNet!

Get Free, Automatic Software Updates :  can update most popular software to the most recent version available.  Their "My Updates" service searches your PC and informs you of any software that is out-of-date, then lets you decide which software you want to update.   You can then request to be notified by email whenever updates became available for your specific software.  In addition, their home page lists the Top 10 Updates, gives news of recently-posted updates from the software manufacturers, and gives advice on hardware updates.
  Out of date software can be a major cause of technical problems. converts the tedious task of updating software into an automated and painless process.  Just go to and click on "My Updates".

Get Sun MicroSystem's Free StarOffice Office Suite :   Sun MicroSystems is giving away a new rival to MicroSoft Office, StarOffice.  It's still early, but this new office suite has been receiving some good reviews.  It's compatible with Microsoft Office and works with Office applications, which makes it attractive even to current users of Microsoft Office.  It's a 62-megabyte download, which will take a few hours.  You can also get it on CD-Rom for $9.95 at Sun's site.
  StarOffice 5.1 is a fully integrated suite of productivity applications,  including Web-enabled word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, email, news, charting, and graphics programs.  Users can create files in Microsoft formats or as HTML, to post on the Web or on newsgroup servers.

  Here's an interesting review to get you started.

Join Video-Enabled Chats With Up To 6 People :   All you need is a digital camera (such as a Connectix QuickCam) and a program called "CU-SeeMe." You can chat with any number of people and see up to 6 of them at a time. If you have a microphone, you can even speak to them. CU-SeeMe can be downloaded free for 30 days, after that it's $69. Images are jerky and the sound quality is spotty. Some people like to chat naked, so be prepared for that possibility.

Receive Automatic Software Version Updates :   You can use one of these services to notify you when a new software upgrade is available and what improvements are in it. Manage-Able SoftwareServices offers a free utility for Windows called "Catch-Up" which runs along with your Internet browser to update some of your more popular software and freeware programs.
  Versions is a service for Macs and PCs that keeps track of 85,000 different software programs. After registering with the service, it notifies you when an upgrade is available.
  Also check out: Versions

Receive E-Mail On Your Favorite Subject :   Did you know that over 80,000 mailing lists exist on the Internet, covering almost every conceivable subject? Liszt is a searchable directory of all of them. Type a keyword and we'll bet your interests are covered by a mailing-list somewhere.

Receive Notices Of New Sites About Your Interests :   TracerLock will e-mail you when it finds new Web sites that it thinks you'll want to see, based on whatever words you tell it to look for.

Receive Sports Scores Using A Java Applet :   With the CNN/SI "Desktop Scores" applet, you can follow the play-by-play action while you surf.  You'll get game recaps, box scores, and a personal real-time scoreboard.  You'll receive up-to-the-minute scores and highlights from almost every game being played that day.  And it's very easy to set up!

Receive The Internet Tourbus Newsletter :   This is one of the Web's first and best free E-mail newsletters. It really has its finger on the pulse of what's new and interesting on the Net. Author Patrick Crispen fills each issue with quality with news about notable new sites and all things Web-ly.

Send RealAudio Messages Through E-Mail :   SonicMail lets you send voice messages to any email address. It uses streaming audio technology to send voice messages without any large file attachments. The recipient of your messages doesn't need SonicMail, but does need RealPlayer version 4.0 or later. (Minimum requirements: Windows 95, Pentium chip, 16MB RAM, microphone, speakers.)

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