Fun and Games Category of the "Hoo-Hah!" Directory: Best tips and sites for games and online fun, suitable for adults and teens. Wizard "Merlin the Marvelous," at your service!
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Fun & Games
Best tips and sites for games and online fun, suitable for adults and teens.

Buy Board Games Online :   The Game Keeper  specialties include chess and gambling supplies, and game basics such as backgammon, dominoes, cribbage, cards, puzzles, and family board games.  GameKeeper is the largest chain of adult game stores in the United States, stretching from the West to the East Coast.  Each store is stocked with over 2,500 different items.  They emphasize fun, interactive stores where you can visit and play games.

Download 100 Free Games At ZDNet Software Library :   The ZDNet Software Library has a great collection of free games.  They've listed the top 100 most popular free games for you to browse through and download.

Download Super Fred, A "Virtual Desktop Buddy" :   First there were virtual pets; now there are "Desktop Buddies." Super Fred is a hilarious superhero cartoon character for your Windows desktop. Watch Fred walk, fall, whistle, pick his nose, sleep, drink and do dozen other silly things right on your desktop even when you work on something else.

Explore Disney's Family-Friendly World Of Fun :   Nobody combines Family and Fun like Walt Disney! Their site includes tips on visiting Disney theme parks, online RealAudio "Radio Disney" family-oriented feature stories every day, information about Disney films and TV, and many other great features for parents and kids.

Explore The World At The Discovery Channel Site :   This is the best place online to combine Entertainment and Education. You can explore history, science, nature and technology. There are mind-bending games, TV schedules, and "Animal Cams" that have been attached to animals of various species, so you can see what their life is like from their own viewpoint.

An affiliate. iconGet Free Hobby Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Hobbies freebies page, you can find free stuff for the hobbies you enjoy. You'll find free magazines and other offers for many hobby interests.

Get Free Miscellaneous Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering a variety of subjects. Most of them are either about how to cope with disasters, or hobby guides (from bird-watching to Civil War battlefields.) You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

Join The World Opponent Network Of Gamers :   WON is a great to play free games against friends (or non-friends) over the Internet. For some games, you need to buy the boxed software first (Civil War Generals II, 3D Ultra Mini Golf, Trophy Bass, Red Baron II etc.) Also play Acrophobia, You Don't Know Jack and more, You can talk in real-time over the Net, play in Contests and Tournaments, download 100s of free playable demos, and read Reviews, Previews and Strategy Guides

Laugh At Comics Online :   Read Dilbert, Snoopy and other cartoons at the Web's largest collection of comic strips and editorial cartoons. Just click on the drop-down select box here, and pick your favorite comic strip! There are a couple of disadvantages however: expect slow load times and a lot of commercial stuff to sort through.

Play A Stock-Picking Game For Investors :   Want to test your stock-picking skills while also having a little fun? The Fortune/Money Stock Tournament  is held monthly, and is open to everyone.  Enter for a chance to win a Championship Golf Getaway at La Costa Resort and Spa AND a full set of Lynx clubs from  Sign up by the end of the month, to get into the next month's tournament.

Play Free Classic Games Online (Chess, Poker Etc.) :   A great site for online board games is Yahoo! Games. Play chess, "go", reversi, and classic card games with thousands of other players at any given time. It's all free!
  Excite Classic Games has a good site too, with a similar selection of games.
  To read more, click: Excite Games

Play TV And Movie Games Online :   Dozens of entertainment-oriented games are accessible at trivia games, puzzle games, action games, celebrity games, and many games devoted to a specific favorite American movie or TV show, from the X-Files to Seinfeld.

Play The Classic SimCity Game Online :   SimCity ClassicTM, released way back in 1989, is one of the most popular games of all time. Here you can play the Web edition of SimCity Classic, and also find chat rooms, message boards and an email newsletter.

Read Great Gaming Advice For Computer Games :   The strategies for multiplayer online games at are unbeatable and their expertise unrivaled. They point out that most other major gaming sites are populated by more professional writers than avid gamers. Go to for great advice about your favorite games.

Solve Brain-Twisting Problems At :   At, you'll find an incredible variety of mind-bending puzzles. See crossword puzzles, checkers, chess problems, riddles, java games, jigsaw pzzles, logic problems, picture puzzles, trivia games, word puzzles and much more!

Solve Crossword Puzzles Online :   A great site for crossword puzzle enthusiasts is located at the Christian Science Monitor. Puzzles allow for different levels of skill, and interactive help features can help you out of tricky parts. Puzzles are changed every Thursday.
  Another great puzzle site is PuzzleDepot.Com, which also has board games, logic games, bingo and trivia contests for prizes.
  Another good site is: The Puzzle Depot

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