Health and Safety Category of the "Hoo-Hah!" Directory: Best tips and sites dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe body and mind. Wizard "Merlin the Marvelous," at your service!
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Health and Safety
Best tips and sites dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe body and mind.

Buy Health And Beauty Products Online : offers a variety of health products, mostly vitamins and other supplements. They also sell books, aromatherapy devices and bath & body products. Their products are approved by a health advisory board of doctors, and they have many health articles posted online so you can make the right decision.

Buy Sun-Protection Products At :   Enjoy the great outdoors without getting sunburned. The Sun Fun Collection offers protective products, including suntain lotions, pop-up hats, sun shades and even a pocket-size card that measures sun exposure.

Explore A Medical Supersite :   At Mayo Clinic's Health Oasis  site, you'll find the answer to almost any medical question. Features include Ask the Mayo Physician, Ask the Mayo Dietitian,  and a Library  that has a wealth of information on maintaining your health and treating specific diseases and conditions.  There are also specialized Centers  that cover medical topics such as Allergy & Asthma, Alzheimer's, Cancer, Children's Health, Men's Health, Nutrition and Women's Health.  There are pages covering First Aid, Quizzes and Health Assessments, a Virtual Cookbook, and "Housecall" (a weekly newsletter).
  IntelliHealth is even more comprehensive, maintained by doctors at Johns Hopkins.  Some cool pages to check out are: a Healthy Living center, News by Topic, a free Newsletter, Ask the Doc, Medical Dictionary, "Zones" covering many different medical topics, a Physician Locator, a Drug Resource Center, a Hospital Locator, and much more.

Find A Good Dentist :   The Dental Directory Service is a great place to find a dentist in your area (or any dental company online) at no charge. You'll find the most complete listing of Dentist web pages available here, plus addresses and phone numbers. By using the Dental Directory Service, you can research the dentist before you make an appointment, and pick the best dentist for your situation. The May issue of P.C. World calls the D.D.S. some of "The best free stuff online".

Find A Well-Qualified Doctor :   "AMA Physician Select" is compiled and published by the American Medical Association ("AMA") as a reference source of demographic and professional information on individual physicians in the United States. Check your physician's credentials: don't shortchange yourself on medical care!

Find Out The Quality Of Any Hospital : objectively grades the performance of almost every hospital in the United States engaged in critical medical specialties, using a five star rating system. There is also a dictionary of medical terms and procedures.

Find Out What's In That Junk Food :   At this site, you can research nutritional information for more than 1,000 fast-food items! 20 major national chains are covered. All information is derived from the handbook Fast Food Facts published by the consumer division of the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.

Find The Pollution Sources Near Your Home :   A web site exists that can answer this question! Type in your zip code, and it will show a map of polluters in your state. With a few more clicks, you can even zoom in to your own local municipal area to see if there's a polluter in your backyard. This site is chock-full of information for the environmentally conscious.

An affiliate. Get 3 Free Products From :   Online drugstore PlanetRX  is offering 3 FREE products from leading brands you know and trust, from aspirin to toothpaste to prescription drugs.  All you pay is shipping. is a leader in online pharmacies, offering highly professional and reliable service at deep discounts. Save yourself a trip to the drugstore! Consumer Reports readers gave and high marks for low pricing, and they also scored well for timely responses from online pharmacists.

An affiliate.Get A Free Custom Diet Assessment :  will give you a free diet assessment, and a free newsletter to help you stay on your diet.  You can also read useful diet tips and talk live with a real person at their Online Help Desk.
  If you become an eDiets member, you'll receive professional support and supervision at a fraction of the cost of Weight Watchers.  You'll also get your own "My eDiets" page, with progress reports, to meal plans, shopping lists, and access to hundreds of diet resources.

Get A Free Emergency Health Card : is offering a free Premimum Membership  at their website, including several valuable benefits:

  • A free PersonalMD Emergency Card. Every year, people die or do not get the best treatment in emergency rooms because important medical information is not available to emergency department physicians in a timely manner.  This card contains instructions to retrieve your complete medical information through the Internet or an automated "fax back" system.  It carries phone numbers for your primary physician and family, your blood type, any allergies or drug sensitivities you may have, and other vital information you feel is necessary.  The registration process takes about 10 minutes.
  • A free medical home page with news, headlines and tips about health subject areas you're interested in.
  • A free weekly personalized newsletter. The newsletter is similarly customized.
It's all free!

Get A Free Health Assessment At :   Want to add years to your life? Find out how with a free personal health assessment. When you take the quick and easy quiz at, they'll create a personalized and strictly confidential health report just for you. Their site says "This assessment report will help you:
  • Learn about current health conditions or habits that may lead to future health problems
  • List actions you can take to avoid health problems
  • Improve and protect your health
  • Strengthen your positive attitude
  • Save money! Most health risk assessments cost between $10 and $50; THIS ONE IS FREE!

Get Free "How To Prevent Cancer" Books :   At The American Institute for Cancer Research, you can request free educational bookets about preventing cancer.  Good dieting habits play a crucial role.  Some of the titles:

  • AICR Diet and Health Recommendations for Cancer Prevention
  • Facts on Preventing Cancer - Alcohol
  • Hints for a Healthy Weight
  • The AICR Health & Nutrition Resource Catalog
  Allow seven to 10 days for shipment, U.S. and Canada only.

Get Free Health Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering the health world. There are booklets about diet & exercise, drugs, and how to combat a variety of health problems. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

An affiliate. iconGet Free Health Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Health & Sports freebies page, you can find free catalogs, trial magazines, discounted products/services and more.

Get Free Miscellaneous Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering a variety of subjects. Most of them are either about how to cope with disasters, or hobby guides (from bird-watching to Civil War battlefields.) You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

Get Free Nutritional Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering the world of food and nutrition. Learn how to eat right, make your kitchen safe, and buy good safe food. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

Get Free Toothpaste & Toothbrush :   Anyone who forgets to brush and floss their teeth daily is asking for a $1000 dental bill! Crystal Ice is the powerful new Mentadent toothpaste that helps whiten teeth, freshen your breath and prevent cavities.
In a separate offer, the Association of American Dental Hygienists is concerned about your oral health, so it's giving away toothbrushes. Just fill out the simple online site, and they'll send it.
  For the toothpaste, click: Crystal Ice

Learn How To Guard Against Natural Disasters :   This article at The Dollar Stretcher  gives advice on how to protect against natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and fire.  If you're unlucky enough to have already been hit by disaster, it also advises how to recover from them afterwards.  Here's some of the subjects it covers, with special emphasis on how to guard against the financial setbacks caused by natural disasters:

  • Tax breaks: The IRS cuts some slack to individuals affected by disasters.
  • What to grab in an emergency: which important personal papers to take?
  • How homeowners can rebuild: lenders, government and insurance agencies are there to help.
  • Disaster victims won't lose homes: Fannie Mae and the FEMA will help with mortgage payments.
  • An ounce of prevention: How to use low-cost loans to protect your home and wallet from disaster.
  • Mother Nature's wrath: Prepared yourself with disaster insurance.
  • Small Business: How to disaster-proof your finances.

Learn How To Quit Smoking :   A great article to help smokers quit is "How To Quit Smoking Once And For All", By Patti McCormick. Writes Patti, "Every year, thousands of people try to quit smoking, but within a few months, most have started again. If you smoke and have tried to quit, as I have, you know just how hard it is. Most ex-smokers agree that the key ingredient in any attempt at quitting is support. The trick is in finding the right support for you..."

Learn How To Reduce Stress And Increase Results :   The Productivity Institute  is in the business of helping people become more productive by reducing stress and managing time better.  You can read these helpful articles at their site for free (they hope you'll be sufficiently impressed to attend of their paid seminars.)

  • The Time Management Article of the Month. "Time Management Facts and Figures".
  • An informative article "Getting out of Balance" that lists the seven "best" ways you can blow your time on this planet.
  • Time Management Tips email newsletter to increase your personal productivity and help you to get more time and balance for your personal life.
  • A copy of "50 Specific Tips to Immediately Increase Your Productivity". Email your request for "Tips" to:
  • A "Stress Test" to determine how out-of-balance you are, and whether some adjustments could help you be happier and more productive.

Learn How To Stay Healthy While Traveling :   You can click anywhere on the global map at this site to get health tips that will keep you healthy when traveling in areas that may pose a health risk.  You'll get advice on vaccinations, medical supplies to bring, and precauctions to take beforehand.

Learn The Real Effects Of Any Drug :   RxList is the Internet Drug Index! You'll find a wealth of information at this sites and its links to related sites. Find out about those nasty "side effects" before they happen to you! Their "Top 200 Prescriptions" section covers nearly 2/3 of all prescriptions filled in the United States. Search through the RxList papers (almost 300 of them) simultaneously for potential drug interactions, side effects, indications, et cetera.
  PharmInfoNet specializes in NEW drug information. It may not have a complete listing of all drugs on the market, but it includes many drugs that may not be found in any other drug database on the Internet.

Learn When And Where To Get A Flu Shot :   In the Flu season, it pays to get your flu shot. The Flu season starts in fall and peaks sometime in February, after which time it dwindles practically to nothing by the early summer. But in the meantime, it will infect between 10 and 20 percent of the U.S. population and kill about 20,000 (mostly elderly) Americans. You can get your shot at your local government health clinic, or at some all-purpose shopping centers such as CostCo. They're absolutely painless (no needle is used) and the cost is about $10 - $15.
  At Intellihealth, they maintain a map that shows the severity of flu outbreaks in every state in America. Now, if only they could figure out a way to deliver flu shots through a modem...

An affiliate. Prevent Y2K Problems While Ignoring Doomsayers :   You can check your computer for Y2K bugs and fix them for free at's Free Software Page.  Two Y2k programs are currently available there: Y2K TEST&FIX, and BugFix 1.2.  Of the two, BugFix is best: it allows you to install a custom Y2K solution for each PC.  It's free after a $18.99 rebate.  The other program "Y2K TEST&FIX" has the advantage of adjusting your computer's real-time clock automatically on New Year's Eve, but you can take care of that yourself by shutting down your computer on December 31, and restarting it in January.  It works on any Windows computer, anything from Windows 3.1 through Windows 98.
An online article at ZDNet Anchordesk  explains in rational terms what to watch out for at the site in their "Safe and Sane Y2K Guide."  They also tell you who not  to pay attention to: the fear-mongers, profiteers and survivalists who find in Y2K an opportunity to sell you a bill of goods.
  Read more at: AnchorDesk Y2K Article

Protect A Child From Harm At :   The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is the nation's resource center for child protection. They lead the national effort to locate and recover missing children, and educate the public about ways to prevent child abduction, molestation, and exploitation.

Protect Kids From Almost Any Internet Danger :   At the Kid Safety on the Internet site, kids can learn to be "Internet Safe". The pages are presented as a "slide-show" of questions and answers that help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies. Parents may wish to help guide younger kids through the pages.

Protect Your Home From Crime :   Did you know that nine out of ten household burglaries are preventable?   A crime prevention article at will teach you how to protect your home from crime.  A burglar won't find your home an "easy mark" if he has to work in the light, take a lot of time to break in, and can't work quietly.

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