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Best tips and sites for smart investment strategies.

Buy Stocks With The Best Online Brokers :   Muriel Siebert  was the #1 ranked broker by Smart Money  Magazine, and the #1 ranked mutual fund site by Forbes  Magazine.  They offer good service with a reputation for high customer satisfaction, an easy-to-use site, trades for only $14.95, and unlimited free check writing.
  If you're looking for a site with super-low commissions, or you need an alternative broker for times when your primary broker is unavailable and you really need to make a trade, check out InvesTrade Discount Securities, an online broker with stock trades for $7.95, option trades for $1.75 (minimum total $14.95), touch-tone trades and wireless trading through your pager.  They also provide mutual fnds, no-fee IRA's, and free real-time quotes, charts and research.
  And also: An affiliate.InvesTrade

Create A Plan For Your Financial Future :   The American Express  site has a good financial planning tool, recommended by FamilyPC  Magazine.  It will ask you questions just like a real-life financial planner, then spell out a reasonably good plan of action for your situation.

Explore An Online Financial Site Directory :   At the E-Investor Financial Site Directory, you'll find over 2000 sites in 59 categories. The E-Investor Financial Forum has 5 Bulletin Boards keep you in the know. Get news on Upcoming Earnings Reports and Upcoming Stock Splits. They also offer books, courses and gifts for sale.
  Another good financial directory is InvestorGuide, which provides annotated links to free information on personal finance and investing.
  Another good site is: InvestorGuide

Find A Good Mutual Fund For Your Money :   A good mutual fund helps you easily invest for profit, reduce financial risks, and tap into more market sectors. Here you'll find a 1999 Fund Report, a Mutual Fund Finder with 5 factors you can screen for, and a Mutual Fund I.Q. Test.

Find The Best Stocks With A "Stock Screener" Tool :   Sites such as offer a free stock picker to help you screen stocks and funds using your own criteria.  These tools are "amazingly simple to operate and sophisticated enough for early any investor", according to FamilyPC magazine.  Using the "Full Search" option at, you can specify 32 different criteria!
  See another good stock picker at:

Find The Definition Of Any Financial Term :   With over 5,000 definitions and 15,000 links between related terms, InvestorWords is a very comprehensive financial glossary.

Get 2 Free Investment Guides :   At two leading online investing sites, you can get introductory investing packages:
  • Free guide to investing: When you sign up for a free membershipwith The Motley Fool investing site, you'll receive a free booklet "13 Steps to Investing Foolishly." Allow four to six weeks for delivery (U.S.  only).

  • Free investment kit: Request a free investment kit and IRA guide from Merit Financial (U.S.  and Canada only).

  And also: Merit Financial Guide.

Get Free Moneywise Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering the world of money. Learn about retirement and estate planning, your credit, and smart saving and investing. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

Get Free StockVue/BusinessVue Programs :   StockVue is a free award-wining stock tracking program for Windows computers.  StockVue 99 includes many new features, including all of the benefits of the BusinessVue program.  Some of its great features are:

  • Quotes and charts from
  • Stock statistics and business summaries from Market Guide
  • Mobile Device Support: PDAs (both handheld PCs and Palm-size PCs) are supported.
  • Receive alerts via email, fax or pager when a stock changes price or is in the news.
  • Display a performance chart for any investment.
  • Visit your favorite online trading site without leaving StockVue.
  • Export data into Word, Excel, Quicken (including 99), email and other text documents
  • Maintain a historical "calendar," where you can easily identify stock milestones, including news, filings and 52-week highs and lows.
  • Swiftly calculate your profit and loss
  This free program won a 5-star rating from ZDNet!

Learn About Internet Companies And Stocks :   At Hoover's Internet Stocks, you'll find in-depth profiles of more than 100 Internet companies, news, industry info, stock quotes, charts and daily market information.

Learn About Investing At A Fun Site For Kids :   Liberty Financial operates the Young Investor Web Site, where young investors can learn about money by playing money games, asking questions of Dr. Tightwad and exploring an online library for young investors.

Learn About Personal Finance At : is an excellent financial center. It will help you with investments, mortgages, small business, insurance, loans, banking, retirement, taxes, financial news and more.

Learn Financial Decision-Making By Studying Trends :   ClearStation is a financial advisory Web site that helps you make better investment decisions by identifying and interpreting stock trends. You'll get a great combination of graphs, daily computer-generated stock ideas and in-depth education. There are sections on Daily Investment Ideas, Portfolio Tracking, Stock News and Research, and Member Discussion. Registration is free, and by joining you'll be able to create an online Portfolio and Watch List. ClearStation has been nominated for the 1999 Webby Awards.

Learn From Financial Gurus, Guides And Calculators :   FinanCenter has three sections. The ClickCalcs section contains free interactive calculators that help you deal with all kinds of financial situations. The ClickDeals section gives you online access to free advice from financial professionals, and links to sites offering inexpensive financial deals. The ClickFacts section is a library of well-written guides that can provide you with a good financial education for a variety of topics.

Learn How To Invest For Fun And Profit :   The Motley Fool plays a double role: palace wizard, and court jester! They teach you how to invest wisely, while amusing you with witty writing. Above all else, they want to prove to you that the best person to manage your money is YOU.

Learn The Answers To Your Financial Questions :   The Investment FAQ is a well-organized list of questions and answers. It's also a great source for quick advice on nearly every financial topic.

Learn The Basics Of Personal Finance Planning :   The Financial Players Center teaches you the basic knowledge you need to achieve financial success. Achieve an early retirement, save college funds for your children, or even buy a vacation home.

Learn The Basics of Investing :   A course from the National Association of Securities Dealers on how to plan your financial future. Sections include Financial Decisions, How Financial Markets Work, Investment Choices, Investment Information, and Investment Fraud.

Learn To Evaluate Your Investments Long-Term :   Financial Engines  was named one of the "12 Cool Companies" by Fortune Magazine.  It evaluates your 401K and other investments to project their worth, all the way through your retirement.  Their goal is to provide unbiased investment advice, while continuing to monitor your investments.  When market conditions change, you'll automatically receive advice to help improve your financial outlook.  Founded by Nobel prizewinner Bill Sharpe, Financial Engines  offers highly customized advice that takes into account the personal situation of the investor.

Learn To Evaluate/Improve Your Financial Health : has two services that will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your financial situation.  To evaluate how healthy your finances are, answer their quick 10-question quiz. and "find out if you're in great shape, or if those financial goals need a little workout!"'s Financial Health Checkup is a full-fledged personal financial planner.  It takes about 20 minutes to answer questions covering your investments, debt management, retirement planning, and so on.  You'll then get a detailed financial plan that gives you the advice you need to meet your financial objectives.  Before you begin, it may be helpful to have your financial records handy.

Play A Stock-Picking Game For Investors :   Want to test your stock-picking skills while also having a little fun? The Fortune/Money Stock Tournament  is held monthly, and is open to everyone.  Enter for a chance to win a Championship Golf Getaway at La Costa Resort and Spa AND a full set of Lynx clubs from  Sign up by the end of the month, to get into the next month's tournament.

Protect Your Money From Common Investing Mistakes :   An interesting pair of articles about investing are available at

  • Biggest Investing Mistakes:  Learn these pitfalls, so they won't happen to you!
  • Investing IQ Quiz:  Are you a Midas, or a Motley Fool?  Take this quiz and find out.

  Take the quiz at: Investing IQ Quiz

Protect Yourself From Investment Rip-Offs :   Be certain that -- in a worst-case scenario -- you would be able to survive losing all your investments. The Illinois Consumers Guide to Investments offers sound advice, while a Missouri investor's guide reminds you of the questions you should ask about any proposed investments. A long-distance telephone bill is a small price to pay for the protection of your life savings.
  Another good site: Missouri Investor's Guide

Read About Insider Stock Tips And Stock Splits :   Wouldn't you love to know when insiders at a company are buying or selling stock in that company?  The  site lets you find out for free!  Just type in a stock symbol, and you'll get a report detailing transactions by the company's officers and directors.  You can also sign up for their "email alerts" service, which will send you information by email on insider trading for the companies you want to watch.  If you subscribe to it (currently $50 a year, or $17.95/month for premium services) you'll get access to insider trading analysis.
  To find out which stocks will split in the coming months, check out The Online Investor.  The site lists stock-split information for the upcoming two months.  Often when a stock splits, it increases in value.  If the company has strong fundamentals, you should consider cashing in on its stock split.

Read Expert Stock-Picking Advice :   Many popular financial print magazines have an online presence and offer advice: Individual Investor has a stock pick of the day, the Wall Street Journal is very helpful, and Money Online will give you all kinds of financial advice.
  Another good site: Wall Street Journal
For good all-around money advice: Money Online

Read Free Investment Scoops From
:   Company Sleuth  searches the Internet for important information on the companies you select.  It gives you a legal, inside look at the companies you invest in, their competitors and partners. You'll receive daily reports, via e-mail, on their most relevant business activities, financial moves, Internet dealings and legal actions.  They'll also give you 10 free issues of Investor's Business Daily!You'll be able to "stake out" up to 10 companies when you get to the Company Sleuth home page.
  An affiliate.

Read Tips From Smart Money  Magazine :   This magazine's online site has the best list of tips we've ever seen to help you manage your money the smart way.  There's over 50 tips, including sections on investing, mutual funds, bonds, taxes, consumers, education, online shopping, travel, communications, work, retirement, auto, home and business.

Receive A Weekly Investing Newsletter :   InvestorGuide  is produced by  This well-regarded newsletter contains links to the most important stories of the past week, downloads of useful investing software, and forecasts of future trends. FunnyMoney  is a humorous but useful investing newsletter, which mixes profitable investment ideas with a healthy dose of humor that will keep you "laughing all the way to the bank."  Regular features include: Analysis of under-valued investment opportunities, common-sense investment advice, warnings about scams and frauds, valuable internet resources for investors, and of course lots of funny anecdotes.  "The regular price for a subscription is FREE, and if you don't like it, we will give you DOUBLE your money back!"
  For FunnyMoney, click: FunnyMoney.
Another good newsletter is ZDNet's The Day Ahead.  Get a pre-opening bell newsletter every trading day, with commentary, warning signs from overnight markets, tips on stocks to watch, and much more.

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