Kids, Toys and Games Category of the "Hoo-Hah!" Directory: Best tips, toys and fun stuff for kids. Wizard "Merlin the Marvelous," at your service!
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Kids Fun & Games
Best tips, toys and fun stuff for kids.

Buy Baby Products Online At : offers over 20,000 products for infants. That should be enough to equip almost any baby! They also carry a limited selection of toys and games. There's a "new parent checklist" to help you get started on the basic necessities.

Buy Educational Toys At Live And Learn :   The "Live and Learn" online specialty toy retailer was given the highest possible rating by They sell children's toys, games, books and software. The site is accompanied by many helpful articles, reviews and discussion forums. Their credo is "The #1 Resource For Teachers And Concerned Parents".

Buy Toys From Toys 'R' Us Online : is the Internet's largest toy and game site, with the good quality and low prices you've come to expect from this nationally respected discount toy store.

Create And/Or Buy Clothing Designs For Girls :   Squash Blossom is a fashion design studio and a store where you can design little girls' clothes. Your designs are modeled for you as you create them! Anything you design they can make and will ship out to you within 7 business days. Feel free to design as much as you want, either for an order or just to have fun. Squash Blossom offers a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Create Arts And Crafts Kid's Projects Every Day :   Here you can find things to do every day. Create paper sculptures, make edible art, fashion crafts out of natural materials, and more!

Download Cool Files For Kids :   At Yahooligans' Downloader page, you can look at pictures, watch video clips and listen to sounds from all over the world. And their Web-Cams page has an excellent collection of live video cameras on the Internet, just for kids.
  Another good site: Yahooligans Web-Cams

Explore A Directory Just For Kids :   The SurfNetKids site explores the Internet's best Kid's sites for Arts, Crafts, Music, Computers, Internet, Games, Hobbies, Geography, Holidays, History, Language Arts, Math and Science.
  Another great directory for kids is Yahooligans, from the Yahoo Directory.
  Another good site: Yahooligans

Explore A Site Just For Girls :   Are you looking for the space on the Internet that's totally girl-powered? At "A Girl's World", there's an incredible variety of fun activities: a Free Pen Pal Spectacular, Chat Club, a newsletter written by girls and web-site visitors, Advice Avenue, Music, TV & Films, Contests, Crafts, Quizzes, Shopping and more.

Explore A Special World Of Adventure :   At, you can discover the outcome of your own choices when Sydney follows her cat into a mysterious, unexplored kingdom. Help Sydney make the right choices in her adventures! At CyberKids, there's also art, music, articles and chat rooms.

Explore Barney The Dinosaur's World Of Wonder :   There are fun pages here where kids can find activities, games, coloring and more. You can become a member of the Barney Fan Club and subscribe to the Barney Magazine today.

Explore Sports Sites Designed For Kids :   At Sports Illustrated For Kids, you can explore the sports world. Get scores, look at pictures and play games (draft your own fantasy team!)
  The Yahooligans Sports Page is a sports directory that lets you follow your favorite teams and players.
  Another good site: Yahooligans Sports

Explore The Sesame Street World :   The Children's Television Workshop site has learning activities, storybooks, games and pictures for kids. For parents, there's an abundance of advice from child development specialists.

Find An Award-Winning Toy Or Children's Product :   Over a thousand toys and other children's products have been given awards by "Dr. Toy." Get full descriptions, along with toy-company phone numbers to call for more information, plus articles, links and much more. This site is a free public service provided by The Institute for Childhood Resources, a not-for-profit organization.

Find Any Child's Learning Style At :   You can take a free learning style survey, then get product recommendations based on your child's learning style. This site reviews and rates educational products so you'll know which are the best ones for kids.
  You can also sign up for "MySmarterKids", which will continue to match your child's unique educational goals and learning style with fun and useful learning products.  Their redesigned site is now more fun than ever!
  To read more, click: An affiliate.

An affiliate. Find The Best Toys For Any Age Group At EToys :   At EToys, you can search for children's toys and games. Their search engine can help you narrow down the choices by letting you specify the price range, toy category and the age of your child. If you'd rather trust humans to help you pick toys, they have a "Picks of the month" feature. The "low price guarantee" is a great added attraction.   They've created several stores for kids and their parents: a very wide selection of toys, 80,000 books, music, videos, software, video games, and a store just for babies.
  And their Special Offers And Rebates page conveniently categorizes everything by age.

Get A Free Toy At The "Hot Wheels Birthday Club" :   Kids can join the Hot Wheels Birthday Club and receive a free "Hot Wheels" car toy, just by filling out and mailing an application.

Get Free Kid's Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications to help kids and parents. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)learning, parenting, college planning

An affiliate. Give A $5 Toy To A Friend At : sells educational toys, games and software at discount prices in a fun shopping environment. You can send a $5 coupon to a friend, as often as you like.   You get 20% off all of all bestsellers, with free shipping to boot!

Join A Chat With Kids Worldwide at :   At KidLink, kids can learn about the Internet and the world beyond it while they chat with other children from all over the world.

Join The Lego Club :   In addition to a fun club, this site has an on-line catalog of new and replacement pieces. The Lego Motto is "Idea, Exuberance and Values" and their shared belief is "Children are our vital concern". Lego stimulates children's imagination and creativity, and challenges them to explore their own world.

Laugh At Kids' Jokes :   You can read Kids' jokes online at these sites. Some samples:

Q: Why shouldn't you tell a pig a secret?
A: Because pigs are squealers!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Olive who?
I love you too!

  Another good site: Yahooligans Jokes

Learn About Investing: A Fun Site For Kids :   Liberty Financial operates the Young Investor Web Site, where young investors can learn about money by playing money games, asking questions of Dr. Tightwad and exploring an online library for young investors.

Learn All About How Kids Can Use Computers :   The Kids and Computers Pages is an excellent place to learn how to program a computer or find out how to build your own web page. Kids can also talk to other kids about computing at a discussion forum.

Listen To Kid's Music And Bedtime Stories Online :   The Children's Music Web is a nonprofit organization dedicated to music for kids. There's music, bedtime stories and an index to other music sites.

Play Fun Kid's Mind Games Online : has lots of different games to entertain almost any kid. You'll find Numbers games (Math Baseball and Shape Surveyor where you can train to be an archeologist). There are world games (Where Is THAT? - Find your way on the maps, Who Is THAT? - Identify these famous folks.) And about 20 other games!

Play Kid's Games Online At Sony Pictures :   At the Sony Pictures site, you'll find over 20 games for kids that let you enter the world of a famouse movie. Play games based on The Mask of Zorro, Godzilla, As Good As It Gets, Starship Troopers, Air Force One, Men In Black, Anaconda, 3-D Baseball Trivia, Jumanji and many more.
  The Warner Brothers site lets you play animated games, many of them featuring characters like Bugs Bunny or Pinky and The Brain.
  Another good site is: Warner Brothers

Play Kid's Games With Dr. Seuss :   Here are some games you can play online, plus some games you print out and then play with paper and pen. Some games requires the Shockwave plug-in, downloadable on this site.

Protect Kids From Almost Any Internet Danger :   At the Kid Safety on the Internet site, kids can learn to be "Internet Safe". The pages are presented as a "slide-show" of questions and answers that help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies. Parents may wish to help guide younger kids through the pages.

Read A Weekly Feature About Cool Kid's Web Sites :   This site is a weekly feature published in newspapers all over North America. It is designed for kids (and their parents) to find fun, educational, and safe spots to visit on the World Wide Web. Each week the 4Kids staff searches out cool places to go so that kids can spend their online time having fun learning.

Read News Stories Written For Kids :   At Yahooligans' "News Beat," you can read stories from around the world. This page covers world events, sports, weather and science.

Read The Best Literature For Kids :   At this directory for kids' literature, you'll find informative articles, lists of award-winning books, a Web-Traveller's Toolkit (Essential Kid Lit Websites), Stories on the Web and more. Save some money by downloading and printing out stories for kids.

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