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Movies And TV
Best tips and sites for videos, TV listings and movie reviews.

Buy A Stage Ticket Online At A Discount :   Want to buy a ticket online? Playbill On-line brings you discount ticket offers for stage plays, as well as travel and dining discounts and offers.

Buy Film Memorabilia At Movie Madness  :   A great variety of film memorabilia can be found at Movie Madness, an online film store. There are posters, collectibles, t-shirts and caps about your favoite movies and TV shows.

Find A Great Cultural Event At CultureFinder :   CultureFinder has listings for 250,000 events in 550 cities nationwide. For the largest cities, there's also expanded coverage with in-depth weekly recommendations and ticket offers.

An affiliate. Find A Great Movie With's MovieFinder :   Looking for your next favorite movie? Not sure if the studio hype about a movie is really true? End the frustration -- with Reel's Movie Matches! You just type in the title of one of your favorite films, and will provide a list of "Movie Matches" -- similar films that cover the same subject, appeal to the same audience, or provide a similar moviegoing experience. They also carry over 85,000 movie titles (new or used) for sale. Many are hard-to-find classics. VHS, laserdisc and DVD formats are available, all at 15% below suggested retail. You can watch trailers of recent releases, or visit their "Cinema Univeristy."  There's movie news and reviews, and reviews of new DVD and VHS releases.

Find A Really Bad Movie At : calls itself "A website to the detriment of good film." Whether you love b-movies bad movies or real stinkers, this site has reviews, pictures, sounds, and videos from some of the greatest disgraces to cinema that have ever been filmed. Don't forget to check out their immortal "Slime Awards" section!

Find Your Favorite Celebrity's Address And Email :   Want to find your favorite celebrity on the Internet? You can find out how to get their Snail-Mail and E-Mail Addresses here, and information on such curiosities as Celebrity Lookalikes and Hollywood special events.

Get A Free "TV Tuner" To Watch TV On Your Monitor :   You really can get a free TV Tuner Card at PlanetVille.  This will allow you to receive and play TV signals on your computer, either by cable or airwave broadcasts.  The requirements:

  • You need to be in North America to receive this offer (for now...)
  • Windows 95 and Windows 98 compatible
  • Internet Explorer 3.0 or better (with ActiveX)
  • Pentium 100 MHz or better
  • At least 16 MBytes RAM
  • Video Card with hardware overlay support (even cheap cards can handle this)
  • A free PCI slot (in other words, a standard expansion slot)
  • TV signal (NTSC: cable, antenna, or satellite.)  PlanetVille is not broadcasting the signal over the Internet.
  • An Internet connection

  So what's the catch?  Nothing major: you'll be watching TV on the PlanetVille web site, which gives them access to your consciousness.  They may plan to float some ads, for example.
  Planetville says it plans to create "a new type of interactive experience. We equip consumers with PC-based TV tuner hardware and MPEG software to allow the immediate convergence of broadcast television and the Internet. Get interactive while watching TV! By providing enhanced TV viewing functionality via the Planetville Web site, we offer unique benefits and opportunities to our 'Citizens' including geographically and topically relevant information and e-commerce capabilities."

Get Free CDs With Entertainment Weekly Magazine :   Entertainment Weekly has a great online 'zine for music and movie lovers. They currently offer a free 2-CD collection with a paid subscription to their magazine (which is about $30.) You can pick from 5 different CD sets!

An affiliate. iconGet Free Movie Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Entertainment freebies page, you can find trial offers for lovers of music, books and the arts!

Get Free Web-Surfing On Your TV Screen :   At, you can apply for a free "Internet Connection Box," which allows you to surf the Web on your TV (much like "WebTV").  In return, you'll need to view ads on your TV while you surf, and you'll also have to fill out a survey each month to keep them informed about your consuemr habits.  The package includes a wireless remote control, a keyboard, and free unlimited Internet access.

Play TV And Movie Games Online :   Dozens of entertainment-oriented games are accessible at trivia games, puzzle games, action games, celebrity games, and many games devoted to a specific favorite American movie or TV show, from the X-Files to Seinfeld.

Read A List Of The Greatest Films, With Summaries :   "The Greatest Films" has plot summaries (with actual film dialogue), reviews, and hundreds of colorful, vintage film posters. There are several different lists of the top Hollywood and American classic films.

Read An Online TV Guide Schedule :   The Ultimate TV Site is a free online television guide. You can look at listings for shows in your time zone, or search for shows by title or category (soaps, comedies, etc.) You need never pay for a TV Guide again!
Another option: Electronic TV Host (ETV) is an Electronic Television Guide for Microsoft Windows. You can search for specific titles or actors, locate shows by category or create a personal search that fits your unique needs. It costs about $50 per year to subscribe.
Then of course, there's always TV Guide, which may have the most complete and up-to-date listings.
  To read more, click: ETV Host or TV Guide

Read And See Movie Previews And Reviews : is an independent voice of film reviews on the Internet. You can preview RealVideo clips of movies and read all about your favorite movies, stars and directors. The "Movie Review Query Engine" lets you search by movie-title to find reviews by critics and moviegoers from all over the web.  There are over 16,000 titles and 105,000 reviews available.
  Search for reviews at: Movie Review Query Engine

Read Reviews Of Many TV/Movie Sites :   Yahoo Internet Life Magazine has many reviews of the best Movie and TV sites online. There are sections on Animated Films, Animated TV Shows, Celebrity Gossip, Classic Crime Movies, Classic Crime TV, Comedy Movies (fall '97), Comedy TV (fall '97), Cult TV Shows, Dramatic Movies, Film Festivals, Filmmakers, Filmmaking, Horror Movies (summer '97), Horror TV (summer '97), Horror Movies (summer '98), Legal Dramas, Mysteries, Today's Movie Stars, Today's TV Stars, Soap Operas, Soundtracks, TV Drama, TV for Kids and TV Shows.

Read The Latest Show Biz News And Reviews :   You can find both movie and music news here. There are reviews of the latest movie releases, Box Office charts and TV Ratings. You can read bios of musical artists, reviews of the latest CDs and all the music charts.

Receive Mailing-List Email About Any Movie Subject :   There are dozens of movie-oriented mailing lists available online. Whether you're interested in specific aspects of movies, individual movies or actors, you can find something at the Internet Movie Database.

Turn Off Your TV! :   TV-Free America is a nonprofit organization that encourages Americans to dramatically reduce the amount of television they watch, in order to promote richer, healthier and more connected lives, families and communities. If you ever want to drop-kick your TV set through the window, here's where to get encouragement and support.

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