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Music and Audio
Best music tips, sites and audio software.

An affiliate. Buy (And Sample Freely) Music At CDNow :   This online music store has won the top rating for music stores in numerous online rankings. You can listen to thousands of music samples, without necessarily buying the music. Their automated "Album Advisor" helps you find good music based on your own preferences. And their service is great! You can create your personal "My CDNow" page, which lets you keep a Wish List of items you might want to purchase in the future, see discographies of artists you love, get updates on new releases and more. They even allow you to return CD's after you've opened the package (other online music stores will only allow you to return opened CD's.)

Buy A High-Quality Stereo At :   Crutchfield has a great site for the audio/video enthusiast. There are over a thousand products to fill your home and car A/V needs, accompanied by pictures and full descriptions. Their Online Vehicle Selector helps you find which stereos will fit your car. You'll get the best expert advice available online from this service-oriented company. Their site has glossaries, expert tips -- more than 100 articles to help you select, install and enjoy your gear. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you may return your purchase for a full refund.

Buy Tickets Online To Concerts, Movies And More :   At TicketMaster Online, you can learn about concerts, major league games, plays and other events in North America. Then you can buy tickets online to your favorite event.

Create Your Own Customized CD Of Favorite Songs : lets you select your favorite songs and create your own CD. This is the coming wave in music sales! They have a great selection of songs from the sixties and earlier; however, more recent songs are not well represented here.

Create Your Own Radio Station And Listen Online :   Create your own RealAudio radio station, which plays only the artists and music types you like. Over a thousand artists are included.

Download "RealPlayer" Streaming Media Player Free :   At, you can download the latest version of RealPlayer so you can play sounds on the Internet.

Download "RealPlayer" Streaming Media Player Free :   At, you can download the latest version of RealPlayer so you can play sounds on the Internet.

Download Free MP3 Music Files Online :   The Lycos MP3 Search  lets you search for your favorite artist or song.  With over 500,000 titles, Lycos MP3 Search is the world's largest MP3 site.  You can also read MP3 News & Features, and Music News & Reviews.
  To read more, click to:

Download Free MP3 Players And Files :   If you're puzzled about which MP3 player is the best, an article at gives you the straight dope in a quick 'n' easy dose.The popular WinAmp player is now completely free.  This hi-fi player supports MP3, CD, MOD, WAV and other formats. also offers their RealJukebox for free, and recently a new player called MusicMatch  has been hot.    For die-hard MP# buffs, MP3 Fiend  is an excellent freeware download.  This ad-supported program queries 11 MP3 search engines simultaneously, and quickly locates both FTP and HTTP files that are MP3-related.  It's a 3 megabyte download, for Windows 98/95 and NT4.

  Click to: WinAmp,, MP3 Fiend

Find A Great Cultural Event At CultureFinder :   CultureFinder has listings for 250,000 events in 550 cities nationwide. For the largest cities, there's also expanded coverage with in-depth weekly recommendations and ticket offers.

Find A Song's Name From Its Lyrics :   Let's say you know only the lyrics of a song, and want to find its name so you'll know where to buy it. The answer: Alta Vista, a heavy-duty general search engine (actually, any large search engine will work fine.) Type in any musical lyric, and Alta Vista will track down a fan site that has that lyric, along with the name of the song and the artist.

Find Answers To All Your Music Questions :   Look up song titles, essays, album covers and much more. This excellent site covers over 26,000 artists.

Find Hard-To-Find Facts About Any Movie :   The Internet Movie Database, is the ultimate movie reference source. It covers just about everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies. It's continuously updated to include recent movies.

Find The Lyrics To Any Song You Can Name :   Have you ever had trouble understanding the howling vocals of a rock star? You can get the lyrics here. Type in the name of a song, and this site will serve up the full lyrics for it. Look over your CD collection and investigate all those songs you had trouble deciphering! Or if you're a worried parent, you can find out the lyrics to your teenager's favorite songs (if you dare!)

Get 12 Music CDs For The Price Of 1 :   Select 7 CDs right now at BMG Music Service, buy 1 at the regular club price ($14.98 to $16.98) and get 4 more free. That's 12 CDs for the price of 1, a savings of over $100. You can select from over a thousand albums! (Note: a shipping and handling charge of somewhere around $3.00 will be added to each selection.)

Get Free CDs With Entertainment Weekly Magazine :   Entertainment Weekly has a great online 'zine for music and movie lovers. They currently offer a free 2-CD collection with a paid subscription to their magazine (which is about $30.) You can pick from 5 different CD sets!

An affiliate. iconGet Free Music Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Entertainment freebies page, you can find free trial offers for lovers of music, books and the arts!

Listen To Any Radio Station Online :   At MIT's Radio Station Listings, you can search for radio stations which broadcast on the Internet. There are over 4000 radio stations on the Web, from all over the world! Want to find a radio station from your old hometown, or a city you'll be visiting soon? Look here. If you still can't find the station you want, you could go to Alta Vista and search for "radio <hometown name>". You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Listen To Broadcast News At Any Time :   Do you ever wish you could hurry up the news broadcast so you could listen to news NOW? Have you ever missed the first few minutes of a news broadcast, and wondered what it said? You can listen to the 5-minute ABC News Hourly Update, updated hourly at ANY time. It includes national and world news, with some sports and entertainment news too. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Listen To Kid's Music And Bedtime Stories Online :   The Children's Music Web is a nonprofit organization dedicated to music for kids. There's music, bedtime stories and an index to other music sites.

Listen To Many Audio Broadcasts At : is a leader in broadcasts on the Internet, with great variety ranging from TV simulcasts to live concerts to audio coverage of Fortune-500 board meetings. There are live continuous broadcasts of more than 260 radio and television shows. You'll also find a CD jukebox, audio books, play-by-play sports events, business seminars and more.

Read All About Your Favorite Bands :   The Ultimate Band List has received a "Best Music Site" nomination by The Webbys, and "Most Improved Site" by NetGuide. There are sections for Adding Your Own Band, Merchandise, New Releases, Band Bargains, Listening Room, Music News, Concert Info, Radio Stations, Record Labels, On-line Events, Meta Music Sites, Musicians Only, Charts, Magazines, Record Stores, Top 100 Bands, UBL-TV, UBL Newsletter and more!

Read The Latest Show Biz News And Reviews :   You can find both movie and music news here. There are reviews of the latest movie releases, Box Office charts and TV Ratings. You can read bios of musical artists, reviews of the latest CDs and all the music charts.

Receive Releases By Favorite Artists Automatically :   At, you can get the CDs and books you want automatically delivered to your doorstep as soon as they're released. Simply name your favorite author(s) and recording artists, and receive their next album or book as soon as it's released. There are NO minimum purchase requirements, and you can cancel at any time. They offer everything available in the United States, and you'll get a substantial discount too.

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