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Best online news tips and sources for politics, business, sports and other subjects.

Create And Publish Your Own News Channel :   At the Pointcast Connections Network, you can publish any kind of news channel you can imagine to PointCast's 1.5 million subscribers. Perhaps you can use it for neighborhood news, news about your business or web site, or a special hobby channel.

Create And View Your Own RealVideo News Broadcast :   At Fox News Online, you can pick the stories you want to hear about. Check boxes next to the headlines that interest you, then sit back and watch it. You can also hear and/or see the Fox News Live channel for 14.4K or 28.8K modems, with news summaries at the top of the hour. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Explore The Most Popular Sports News Site : is an incredibly large sports site with sports news and almost everything you could want from a sports site.
  Another great site:

Find The Weather For Any Location :   At, you can enter any ZIP code and get the current weather conditions, a forecast, and live satellite and radar maps. You can customize your Home Page to your own area, and read about Severe Weather Alerts and Preparedness, Airport delays Driving Conditions, Skiing and Golf Conditions, Boat & Beach Forecast Maps, Aviation Maps, Allergy and Health Maps, Garden Maps, and Sun Protection.

Listen To Broadcast News At Any Time :   Do you ever wish you could hurry up the news broadcast so you could listen to news NOW? Have you ever missed the first few minutes of a news broadcast, and wondered what it said? You can listen to the 5-minute ABC News Hourly Update, updated hourly at ANY time. It includes national and world news, with some sports and entertainment news too. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Listen To C/Net Tech News Online :   Brian Cooley's 15-minute Tech News Summary is broadcast online at C/Net Radio, updated 8:00 AM, 2:00 PM PDT weekdays. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Listen To News/Business RealMedia At :   The online Bloomberg Media Center plays RealMedia reports for 14.4K and 28.8K modems, both video and audio reports. It's not limited to just Business News: there's also Bloomberg World News and sports news. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Look At Democracy In Action At :   The C-Span Channel has a live RealVideo broadcast, covering national political and media events. You need a RealPlayer program to play it, downloadable for free at

Read A News Site Customized To Your Interests :   At some sites, you can tell the computer what kind of news you want, and it will show that to you when you visit the site. Just type in keywords that you want their computer to search for. CNN Custom News, InfoSeek and NewsPage are some of the best. There's an article at NetGuide which can tell you about these and other good news sites.

Read A Weekly Feature About Cool Kid's Web Sites :   This site is a weekly feature published in newspapers all over North America. It is designed for kids (and their parents) to find fun, educational, and safe spots to visit on the World Wide Web. Each week the 4Kids staff searches out cool places to go so that kids can spend their online time having fun learning.

Read Free Investment Scoops From
:   Company Sleuth  searches the Internet for important information on the companies you select.  It gives you a legal, inside look at the companies you invest in, their competitors and partners. You'll receive daily reports, via e-mail, on their most relevant business activities, financial moves, Internet dealings and legal actions.  They'll also give you 10 free issues of Investor's Business Daily!You'll be able to "stake out" up to 10 companies when you get to the Company Sleuth home page.
  An affiliate.

Read News About Loans And Credit At :   At, you can get reliable information on mortgages, credit cards, new and used auto loans, money market accounts and CDs, checking and ATM fees, home equity lines and loans and online banking fees. Information is gathered from over 2,500 financial institutions in 120 markets in 50 states and Puerto Rico, including credit unions. Read forecasts of future interest rates.

Read News Stories Written For Kids :   At Yahooligans' "News Beat," you can read stories from around the world. This page covers world events, sports, weather and science.

Read Sports Writing Online At :   The Sporting News gives you great sports writing with the latest news about sports and players, updated daily. There's a great photo gallery, fan letters and chats, trivia games and crossword puzzles, and an "Ask A-Rod" feature where you can ask baseball questions to Alex Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners.

Read Technology News Online At :   CNET Computer Network is an easy-to-use site with news, audio/video, product reviews, downloads and more.
  And their news page: C/NET News

Receive News Pushed To Your Desktop :   You can get almost any kind of news "pushed" to your computer by way of e-mail updates, screen savers or tickers. If you have one of the new 4.0 browsers, you can also have it delivered to a "channel" on your desktop.
  A related site is: NetGuide's Push News

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