Fashion/Style Category of the "Hoo-Hah!" Directory: Best style tips, fashion magazines, and items for personal care. Wizard "Merlin the Marvelous," at your service!
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Style & Fashion
Best style tips, fashion magazines, and items for personal care.

Buy Camping Clothing At : is the largest retailer in the U.S. for clothing & accessories for camping & law Enforcement. There's a special emphasis on military-style apparel and gear. If you need something not currently on their website, they can probably special-order it.

Buy Clothing Using Land's End's Friendly Services :   The consumer-friendly Land's End clothing company offers a selection of casual wear and gifts. They have a "your personal model" feature that lets you see how clothes will look on your own body type.
  Their "Shop With A Friend" feature allows you to shop together with any another person on the Web.  You can browse, shop and chat with a friend while you shop online.
  Another new service is called "Lands' End Live."  You can get help from company agents by instant messaging or on the telephone, depending on whether you have a second phone line, and then browse together.  Their free "Specialty Shopper" service is available to help you 7 days a week.  You can ask for a Specialty Shopper between 7:30 a.m. and midnight Central Time (1400 hours and 0600 hours GMT).  Just call them at 1-800-746-3467 if you're calling from the U.S. or Canada.
  Specialty Shoppers will:

  • Coordinate outfits of a whole wardrobe
  • Give garment details like construction, fit and fabric
  • Send you fabric swatches
  • Offer handy fabric care tips
  • Help you make gift selections any time of year, including holiday time
  • Keep a file on your sizes, tastes, past purchases, even address and credit card number
  Lands' End sells more clothing on the web than anyone else, with $61 million is sales last year alone.

Buy Costume Clothing Online :   You can buy many kinds of costumes for Halloween and other special occasions. Annie's Costumes and Magic is a good source for costumes and all types of magic illusions, tricks, and effects. They also make Animal Mascot Costumes for schools.
  At Halloween Street, you'll find a great variety of costumes for infants, toddlers, children, adults and some plus sizes.
  Another good site: Halloween Street

Buy Environmentally-Friendly Outdoor Clothing :   Patagonia clothes has a line of quality durable outdoor clothing that has minimal impact of materials and manufacturing processes on the environment.

Buy From A Bargain Clothing Outlet : has links to bargain clothing outlets, such as Bluefly, Burlington Coat Factory, Designer Outlet, JCPenney Clearance, One Hanes Place, Piece Unique, Sample Sale and Spiegel Ultimate Outlet.
  Another good site: America Offprice, discounts of up to 75% with famous labels like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

Buy From Your Shopping Assistant At :   With Nordstrom's Personal Touch, a complimentary shopping service, a Nordstrom Personal Touch shopper will fill almost any request of apparel, shoes and accessories from one of our stores. Your shopper can help you find a particular item not listed in our online store. Or if you see something of interest in Nordstrom's magazine ads, newspaper ads or mailers, they'll gladly help you order it.

Buy Leather-Free English Accessories :   Luxury Without Leather is an accessory manufacturer which offers quality non-leather goods from non-animal sources. Shop for belts, wallets and handbags at this Britain-based site that sells to Americans too.

Buy Lingerie Online At :   The famous lingerie catalog "Frederick's of Hollyood" is now online. You can privately shop for lingerie and read mini-biographies of the lovely Frederick's models.

Buy Medieval And Renaissance Outfits :   Chivalry Sports Renaissance Store carries Medieval and Renaissance outfits, whether for collecting, re-enactment, or classical theatre. There's also celtic jewelry and other accoutrements. Learn how to dress for any medieval situation that may confront you!

Buy Native American Handcrafts At :   The Native Hands Gallery showcases the history, techniques and crafts of Native American jewelry, created by Southwest silversmiths. You can buy unique hand-crafted jewelry from Zuni, Navajo and Hopi artists.

Buy Sun-Protection Products At :   Here comes the sun! Enjoy the great outdoors without getting sunburned. The Sun Fun Collection offers protective products, including suntain lotions, pop-up hats, sun shades and even a pocket-size card that measures sun exposure.

Buy Using A Style-Comparing Shopping Agent :     Shoppers can now compare products without having to jump between many company sites. A new shopping agent called StyleClick allows you to shop for and view fashions and gifts side by side. You can set a price range, color and/or fabric, and will graphically display styles from virtually any online store with a catalog. It's not just fashion either: categories such as electronics, pets and books are covered.

Buy Vintage Clothing From Decades Past :   These sites offer a wide array of vintage clothing and accessories from the last hundred years. Find hats, prom dresses, miscellaneous clothing, books, collectibles and patterns.
  To read more, click: Rusty Zipper

Create And/Or Buy Clothing Designs For Girls :   Squash Blossom is a fashion design studio and a store where you can design little girls' clothes. Your designs are modeled for you as you create them! Anything you design they can make and will ship out to you within 7 business days. Feel free to design as much as you want, either for an order or just to have fun. Squash Blossom offers a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Explore A Directory Of Fashion Sites :   The "Angel of Fashion" watches over the fashion industry. You can do some online shopping for clothing, shoes, sunglasses and accessories. You can also find top modeling, beauty, designer and fashion links.

Explore A Fashion Mall :   This online fashion mall has clothing of all kinds and pricing levels: bridal wear, jewelry, designer fashions, cosmetics and more. There are also links to fashion guides and magazines.

Explore A Knitter's Universe :   This is a good site for people who find relaxation in knitting. You can talk with other knitters, download new patterns and browse the latest issue of Knitter's Magazine.

Find Out How To Remove Any Stain :   At, you just answer three questions (What kind of stain are you dealing with? What is the fabric you want to protect? Does the fabric have any color?) Then press the "Show Results" button, and wait while The Stain Detective searches its vast database. It will show you customized advice, created specifically for your personal situation!

An affiliate. iconGet Free Style/Image Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Style & Image freebies page, you can look and feel your best with trial magazine issues, free catalogs, discounted products, services and more.

Learn All About Fabrics At :   FabricLink is a great web resource for Fabrics and Textiles. You can learn about high-performance fabrics, search their Stain Removal Guide, and learn about fibers, fabrics and clothing care. It even has a Shopping Guide with consumer tips!

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