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Best tips for travel and lodging, tourism guides.

Automatically Translate Foreign Languages :   Want to read a foreign-language Web page in your own language? Translate a foreign-language e-mail into your native tongue, or translate your own words into a foreign language? You can just cut and paste it from another program into the online web page, and have it translated it instantly for free. Travlang's Traveling Dictionaries are online interactive utilities that can translate more than a dozen languages. Alta Vista's Translation Services can handle English and French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.
  Another good site: Alta Vista Translations

Bid For Low-Cost Travel Packages At SkyAuction :   SkyAuction auctions off travel tickets and packages, ALL of them starting at only one dollar! New auctions begin each day.  There are domestic and international tickets, last-minute getaways, entire vacation packages and much more.  You can set up an "AuctionWatch" personal bid page, which lets you track all your bids on one page.  You can also elect to receive an email alert whenever someone has outbid you.

Buy International Gifts From The British Isles :   At the "London Calling" site, you can cybernautically wander through London's famous Portobello Road Market. At "On-Line Scotland", you can buy authentic Scottish gifts and goods. It's also a good place to get tourist information. Internationaly shipping is available at both sites.
  To read more, click: On-Line Scotland

Buy Really Cheap Tickets :   According to the E-Smarts shopping site, is the best place to get the cheapest tickets available.

Buy Tickets For Business Travel At : is the top business travel site on the Internet. Get lower fares, more frequent flyer miles and more control over your schedule. There's even an online magazine full of business travel articles!

Buy Travel Accessories Online : carries a full line of accessories for travelers. If you're planning on taking an extended trip, this is a great place to make your first stop.

Compare Airfares Internet-Wide :   An excellent article at explains how to get the most bang for your buck when traveling.  They explain how to download a browser plug-in that allows you to compare airfare prices from the top Internet travel sites in a few minutes, and how to get travel discounts at web sites and via e-mail newsletters.  Best Tip:  Remember that timing and patience are everything:  you can get great deals by making repeated visits to travel sites to keep an eye on fares that sometimes fluctuate wildly, and by jumping on last-minute deals with heavy discounts.

Find A Good Hotel At This Detailed Hotel Directory :   The Hotel Guide is the largest Internet directory of hotels, both domestic and international. It lists over 60,000 hotels around the world, including accommodations of all types and all levels of luxury. You can see daily rates, facilities of all kinds, and more. You can book rooms on this site, for your convenience and savings. You can even get The Hotel Guide on CD-ROM for free!
  There's a Hotel Talk Discussion list that you can join. You'll receive an e-mail newsletter with comments from other travelers about how to get the most out of your hotel stay.

Find A Great Park Experience :   L.L. Bean's Park Search "puts America's parks at your fingertips."  You can search the name of any park you're looking for, or find a great park by selecting the locations and activities that interest you most.  There are 782 State Parks, 163 National Parks, 151 National Forests, 297 National Wildlife Refuges, and 2,000 Nature Photos.

Find A Guided Bike Tour :   iBike has a Tour Operator Finder for tours of all kinds, covering America and many other countries. conducts great bicycle/camping trips for teens that provide kids with a fun summer, as well as the opportunity for growth, independence and maturation in a safe, responsible way, commensurate with their age and abilities. The cost is about $350 if you sign up early.
  For Youth Operators, click: BikeTrips

Find And Print Maps For Your Neighborhood : is a great site where you can create customized maps. It has an Interactive Atlas with 3 million locations worldwide, with lists of places like hotels, gas stations and ATM machines. You can personalize your maps with friends' houses, favorite shops and restaurants, and special icons. Then you can save them right at the site, for future reference. There's also a Travel Guide and other travel features. If you live or work in a place where people sometimes have trouble finding you (which is everywhere, really) then you can print out maps to give to people, to steer them in the right direction.
  To read more, click: Maps On Us

Find Hostels For Cheap Lodging :   The " Worldwide Hostel Guide" is the world's most complete directory of hostels, with thousands of hostels in locations all over the world, from Europe to the South Pacific Islands.  There's also Hostel News, Guidebooks, Transportation Links and a "Virtual Bulletin Board".

Find Out If Any Flight Is On Time : has a link on their home page that you can click to check the flight schedule of most airline flights. It's also a very customer-friendly travel shop, top-rated in a study by has always been famous for wheeling and dealing with major carriers, and passing the savings on to you the customer.  Their "Fare-Beater" search engine will try to find you the lowest possible price, and they give you superior access to super-low "consolidator" airfares.

Find The Best Place To Live, Work Or Play :   At MONEY's "Your Best Places" search engine, you can "tap an extensive database of America's 300 largest metro areas in order to find the best spot for you to live, work or play." You can search based on nine general categories: Weather, Economy, Housing, Health, Education, Crime, Transportation, Leisure, Arts and Culture.

Get A Free 2-Night Hotel Stay :   Get a free 3-day/2-night stay at a great selection of fine hotels in destinations like Aruba, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Orlando just for trying a risk-free 30-day membership in The Shop-At-Home club from The Signature Group. The club gives you a low-price guarantee, free 2-year product service protection, member price protection and excellent customer service.

Get A Free Hawaii Vacation Planner :   The Hawaiian Visitors and Convention Bureau is giving away a 109 page color planner, with lots of ideas for how to get the most out of your Hawaii vacation.. Fill out a simple form and your planner should arrive within 10 days. Their web site also lets you download the planner, for quicker viewing by those who only have a casual interest in Hawaii (you must have Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher for online viewing.) Hawaii has six beautiful islands to choose from, and each one has its own unique personality.

Get Free Travel Pamphlets From Uncle Sam :   The Consumer Information Catalog has the full online text versions of federal consumer publications covering the world of travel. Learn about smart and safe traveling, state and federal fed tourism destinations including national parks, and how to get a passport. You can view them for free online, or purchase printed copies that they will mail to you (some of which are free.)

An affiliate. iconGet Free Travel Stuff At FreeShop :   At FreeShop's Travel freebies page, you can find travel discounts, trial travel magazines and a free vacation planner.

Learn Dozens Of New Languages :   At TravLang, you can learn any of dozens of new languages. There's also a Translating Dictionary, Currency Exchange Rates, Hotel Database, Chat Rooms and Message Boards.

Learn How To Find The Best Airlines :   The Department Of Transportation periodically publishes an airline quality report.  Want to find out which airlines are the best?
  Check out these pages for airline rankings:

Learn How To Stay Healthy While Traveling :   You can click anywhere on the global map at this site to get health tips that will keep you healthy when traveling in areas that may pose a health risk.  You'll get advice on vaccinations, medical supplies to bring, and precauctions to take beforehand.
  An article at Consumer Reports  explains how to stay healthy while traveling.  To stay out of trouble: check your insurance, bring medicine and medical information along, watch what you eat, get vaccinations and don't get bit by any nasty little critters.

Protect Yourself From Speed Traps :   The WWW Speed Trap Registry is a nationwide database of places where police may be waiting with their radar guns.  A handy site to consult whenever you go on vacation or move to a new home.

Read News About Laptops And Mobile Computing :   At the Road News E-Zine (Electronic Magazine), you can learn how to travel nationally and internationally with your laptop computer. Find out how at this Web site and its I-LapTop Warrior Discussion List.

Read Witty Travel Writing At :   The Lonely Planet is the premiere travel guide on the Internet, written with wit and humor. When you load their site, hover your mouse arrow over the icons on the left side, and messages will appear that describe what they're for.

Receive Flight-Time Updates On Your Pager :   The popular and excellent Travelocity site is also the least expensive full-service travel site, according to the Gomez Advisors Survey. You can type in your flight number, and be notified of the flight's actual arrivals and departure time, and possible gate changes to your alphanumeric pager!

Receive The "Fare Wars" Mailing List And Save Big :   Traveler's Net "Fare Wars" Mailing List sends you E-mail notices of "fare wars" the same day that the airlines make their announcements. These "fare wars" typically offer airfares 25% to 40% below the regular coach fare! If you can travel on short notice, this is a great newsletter.

Rent A Car Online :   The Avis site lets you rent a car online, and also has maps and information about hotels, travel agents and airlines. Alamo also has a helpful site. The Thrifty site has a good reputation for competitive pricing.
  Alamo, Thrifty

Save On Lodging By Printing Your Own Hotel Coupons : has a selection of thousands of hotel discount coupons.  Save up to 50% on your next hotel stay, by using coupons that you can print at this site.  You can also search the site for the nearest highway location where you can pick up a free printed guide, with hundreds more coupons.

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