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Hoo-Hah! Best Sites Directory

  The Hoo-Hah  directory lists the best things you can do on the Internet, at the coolest and most useful sites: 

Auto/Transportation: Cars and automotive products (plus boats, planes etc.)
Business/Career: Sites for employment and entrepreneurship.
Community: Sites and programs for community and communications.
Computers & Electronics: Hardware, & programs to optimize system performance.
Consumers: Guides and newsletters to help you shop smarter.
Family: Ideas and products for families, kids and parents.
Fashion/Style: Free fashions, styles and items for personal care.
Food: Food sites, cooking, oral hygiene.
Free Stuff: The best really-free stuff you can get in your mailbox.
Free Web Services: Useful internet services.
Free Downloads: Free or cheap software and newsletters.
Fun & Games: Sites for games & online fun, suitable for adults and teens.
Gift & Holiday: Holidays, seasonal items, festive gifts, flowers and cards.
Health & Safety: Sites dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe body and mind.
Home & Garden: Ideas and products for a happier home, garden and pets.
Humor: Clean jokes, & funny online sites.
Inspirational: A variety of quotes and sites to brighten your day.
Investing: Sites for smart investment strategies.
Kids, Toys & Games: Toys and fun stuff for kids.
Money Management: Insurance, online banking, credit cards.
Movies: Video sites, TV listings and movie reviews.
Music: Online music sites, and audio software.
News: Online news sources for politics, business, sports and other subjects.
Reading & Reference: Books, magazines and online reference sites.
Savings: How to save money, pay less taxes and waste less money on unneeded junk.
Sports: A wide range of spectator sports is covered here.
Travel: Ideas for travel and lodging, free tourism guides.

The Total Directory: Everything in the Hoo-Hah directory on one page!

  The coolest page in Hoo-Hah!:  the Best Sites Guide, which gives you personalized surfing recommendations, customized to your own interests.

  About Hoo-Hah!

  • Hoo-Hah  gives you all-star sites that have been acclaimed in magazines and online site reviews as the best on the Internet.

  • Hoo-Hah  is about people.  The human guides at Hoo-Hah  look for the best experiences on the internet.  This directory is more than just a list of sites: it also contains many tips and suggestions to help people improve their daily lives.

  • Hoo-Hah  lists sites by what you can actually do there.   That way, you can look at the description of a site and instantly decide if it's what you're looking for.  It also makes Hoo-Hah  a nice directory to casually browse for good tips, ideas and worthwhile things to do.   Most other directories usually just list the name of a site, then they give a foggy description of one or two things you can do there.  The sites in Hoo-Hah  are alphabetized according to what you can do there:

    • Buy: Sites with good online shopping.
    • Compare: Sites that help you comparison-shop for the best buy.
    • Create: Sites that offer something creative and fun to do.
    • Download: Sites where you can download a good (and usually free) software program.
    • Explore: Sites that offer so many things to do, we can't really summarize them with a more specific word than "Explore"!
    • Find: Sites where you can type in something you're looking for, and find the nearest match in their database.
    • Get: Sites that give away free stuff.
    • Join: Community sites, where the main activity is interacting with other people.
    • Laugh: Sites where you can get some good laughs.
    • Learn: Sites where you can learn new skills and interesting facts.
    • Listen: Sites that offer RealAudio, MP3 or some other audio format.
    • Look: Sites that offer video feeds, such as RealVideo and ShockWave.
    • Play: Sites where you can play great online games.
    • Protect: Sites where you can learn how to protect your safety and your possessions.
    • Read: Sites that carry interesting feature articles, such as online magazines.
    • Receive: Sites that will send you a tip-filled free newsletter.
    • Save: Sites where you can save money, or sites that list thrift tips.
    • Send: Sites that give you a way to send messages, faxes and other communications.
  When you see this Wizard's cap: iMarvel.com is an affiliate of this site. ...that's a sign to let you know that iMarvel.com is an "affiliate" of this web site.  If you click on the link and go to this site, we'll receive a small fee for referring the site to you.  We look for "win-win-win" affiliate sites: ones that give you a good value, so that everybody wins (you, the site, and iMarvel.com.)  Hoo-Hah  lists some great free-stuff sites, that will send us a few dimes when you go there to get their free offer.  So if you like iMarvel.com, please support it by treating yourself to something free!

  Why is it called Hoo-Hah!?  Because when you see how much it does for your Internet experience, you just might jump up and yell...


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